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P nomenclature (from the IAU and from unofficial sources)

Italics indicate farside features.

Pacificus, Mare (aka Orientale Dark Mantle Ring Deposit)
-Van Langren- Pacis, Fretum (NE Taruntius)
-Van Langren- Pacis, Terra
-Caes- Pacman (the 270° ejectablanket SE of Banting)
-Hewelcke- Paestanus, Sinus (SSE area of Mare Imbrium)
-NASA- Paine (IAU: Beijerinck)
-Hewelcke- Palaestina (regio) (SSW highlands)
-Hewelcke- Palaestina, Paludes (location unknown)
-Krieger- Palisa
-Schroter- Palitzsch
Palitzsch, Vallis
-Maedler- Pallas
-rille seeker- Pallas, Rima (SW of Pallas)
-NASA- Palmetto (Apollo-16 site)
-Schmidt- Palmieri
Palmieri, Rimae
-Hewelcke- Paludes (ESE limb area)
-Hewelcke- Paludosa, Loca (inner nimbus of Kepler's ejecta-rays)
-Wilkins- Paluzie (+770/ +635)
-Van Langren- Pamphilii (IAU: Herschel)
-Hewelcke- Pamphylium, Mare (southern part of Mare Nubium)
-Van Langren- Panciroli, Lacus (IAU: Plato)
-Menzel, 1971- Paneth
-Hewelcke- Pangaeus, Mons (IAU: Murchison, Pallas, Ukert)
-Menzel, 1971- Pannekoek
-Menzel, 1971- Papaleksi
-Caes- Papaleksi, Catena
-Van Langren- Pappi (IAU: Mare Humboldtianum)
-Menzel, 1971- Paracelsus
-rille seeker- Paracelsus M, Rima (see NASA's Vallis Alpha Reed)
-Menzel, 1971- Paraskevopoulos
-Menzel, 1971- Parenago
-Van Langren- Parigi (bright area at Montes Riphaeus)
-Menzel, 1971- Parkhurst
-Hewelcke- Paropamisus, Mons (IAU: Furnerius A, Snellius A nimbi, etc.)
-Maedler- Parrot
-Caes- Parrot, Vallis (the valley at the SSE part of Parrot)
-Caes- Parrot C, Vallis (the short valley between Parrot C and La Caille GA)
-Maedler- Parry
-LTO- Parry, Fossae
Parry, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Parsons
-Hewelcke- Parthenius, Mons (IAU: Fra Mauro Zeta)
-Franz- Parvum, Mare (discontinued name)
-RLA 1963- Pascal
-Caes- Pascal, Vallis (the valley north of Pascal)
-Menzel, 1971- Paschen
-Lamech- Pasteur
Patricia (craterlet in the part of Palus Putredinis known as "Lacus Mozart")
Patsaev (crewmember Soyuz-11)
-Menzel, 1971- Pauli
-K.C.Pau- Pau, Rima (south of Manilius)
-Menzel, 1971- Pavlov /
-LTO- Pavlova, Fossae (near Dorsa Aldrovandi)
-Menzel, 1971- Pawsey
-Caes- Pear, The (pear-shaped crater SE Icarus J)
-Lacroux- / -Legrand- Pearl Ring (Gassendi)
-Wilkins- Peary (+030/ +999)
-Menzel, 1971- Pease
-Neison- Peirce
-Schmidt- Peirescius
-Hewelcke- Peloponnesus (Peninsula) (bright area Gambart to Guericke)
Penck, Mons
-Hewelcke- Pentadactylus, Mons (IAU: Seleucus)
-Maedler- Pentland
-Birt- Percy mountains (see Humorum, Mare)
-Menzel, 1971- Perel'man
-Menzel, 1971- Perepelkin
-Sternberg- Perevoshchikov (north of the Sternberg's Wheatstone)
-Menzel, 1971- Perkin
-Hewelcke- Peronticus, Sinus (NW corner of Mare Serenitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Perrine
Perseverantiae, Lacus
-Hewelcke- Persia (Regio) (SSE highlands)
-Riccioli- Petavius
Petavius, Rimae
-Schmidt- Petermann
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Peters
-Birt- Petora (see Teneriffe, Montes)
-Van Langren- Petri, S., Promontorium (NW Lalande)
-Menzel, 1971- Petrie
-Menzel, 1971- Petropavlovskiy
-Menzel, 1971- Petrov
-Sternberg- Petrushevsky (south of the IAU's Butlerov and Pease)
Pettit (of the pair Nicholson-Pettit)
Pettit, Rimae
-Menzel, 1971- Petzval
-Hewelcke- Peuce, Mons (NW border of Lacus Mortis)
-NASA- Phantom (Apollo-16 site)
-Hewelcke- Pharan, Montana (IAU: Clausius region)
-Hewelcke- Phasianus, Sinus (ESE corner Mare Tranquillitatis)
-Hewelcke- Pherme, Mons (IAU: Hevelius)
-Van Langren- Philip Christ. Elect. Treu. (IAU: Vlacq)
-Van Langren- PHILIPPI IV (IAU: Copernicus)
-Van Langren- Philippicum, Littus
-Van Langren- Philippicus, Oceanus (IAU: Oceanus Procellarum)
-Birt- Phillips
-NASA- Phillips (IAU: Daedalus)
-Riccioli- Philolaus
-Rand McNally- Philolaus escarpment (see Philolaus)
-Hewelcke- Philyra, Insula (IAU: Maskelyne)
-Riccioli- Phocylides
-Hewelcke- Phoenix, Mons (IAU: Alpetragius)
-Caes- Phoenix mountain (central peak of Alpetragius, aka Egg-in-a-nest)
-Van Langren- Phorylidi (IAU: Madler)
-Birt- Photographica, Terra (east of Clavius)
-Maedler- Piazzi
Piazzi Smyth
-Caes- Piazzi Smyth, Dorsum (wrinkle ridge NNW of Piazzi Smyth)
-Schroter- Picard
-Van Langren- Piccolomini (IAU: Catharina)
-Riccioli- Piccolomini
-Krieger- Pickering (Edward Charles Pickering)
-Krieger- Pickering, W. (William Henry Pickering)
-Schroter- Pico, Mons
-rille seeker- Pico C, Rima (NNW of Pico C)
-Maedler- Pictet
Pierazzo (the moon's most beautiful raycrater, near Lentz)
-Lamech- Pierot (Darney C)
Pierre, Catena (in Euler group)
-Krieger- Pietrosul Bay (Sinus Pietrosul, Pietrosul Bucht) (discontinued names)

-RP 1097- Pilâtre
-Wood- Pillars (elongated hills NE of Gassendi)
-Schroter- Pingré
Pingré-Hausen Basin
-Van Langren- Piperi (= Silgero) (IAU: Montes Harbinger Delta and Eta)
-LTO- Pirandello (east of Peek in Mare Smythii)
-Van Langren- Pironi (IAU: Kant)
-Menzel, 1971- Pirquet
-Lammel- Pi Symbol (in Sinus Fidei)
-NASA- Pitane (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Pitati (IAU: Mons Pico Beta)
-Riccioli- Pitatus
Pitatus, Rimae
-Riccioli- Pitiscus
-Caes- Pit of Joy (craterlet on top of the hillock east of crater Joy)
-Birt- Piton, Mons
Piton Gamma (see link below list)
-Menzel, 1971- Pizzetti
-NASA- Plain (Apollo-15 site)
-Lamech- Plakidis (location unknown)
-Maedler- Plana
-RLA 1963- Planck (Basin)
-rille seeker- Planck B, Rimae (on the floor of Planck B)
-rille seeker- Planck Z, Rimae (on the floor of Planck Z)
Planitia Descensus (Luna-9 site)
Planté /
-Menzel, 1971- Plaskett
-Riccioli- Plato (J.Hewelcke's Lacus Niger Major)
Plato craterlets
Plato, Rimae
-rille seeker- Plato Eta, Rima (aka Rima Plato III, near the hill Plato Eta)
-rille seeker- Plato P, Rima (northwest of Plato P)
-Rand McNally- Plato uplands (see Plato)
-Caes- Plato M's bright nimbus (the "lightblue" ejectablanket of Plato M)
-Maedler- Playfair
-Riccioli- Plinius
-LTO- Plinius, Fossae
Plinius, Rimae
Plughole (with the Washbowl in Cassini)
-NASA- Plum (Apollo-16 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Plummer
-Riccioli- Plutarch
-NASA- Pluton (Apollo-15 site)
-Caes- Poczobutt, Vallis (the valley at the southern part of Poczobutt's rim)
-Menzel, 1971- Pogson
-Menzel, 1971- Poincaré (Basin)
-Menzel, 1971- Poinsot
-Caes- Pointers (Schomberger G and Simpelius J, pointing to the southpole)
-Maedler- Poisson
-Wilkins- Polit (+692/ +720)
-Birt- Pollock (between Clavius and Zach)
-Maedler- Polybius
-Menzel, 1971- Polzunov
-RLA 1963- Poncelet
-Caes- Poncelet's mini-Wargentin (at the SSE part of Poncelet's rim)
-Maedler- Pons
-Riccioli- Pontanus
-Maedler- Pontécoulant
-Hewelcke- Pontia, Insula (Wichmann, and Rand McNally's Leon hills)
-Hewelcke- Ponticum, Fretum (northern part of Mare Nectaris)
-Hewelcke- Pontus Euxinus (Mare) (IAU: Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquillitatis)
-Musewicz-/-Sabia- Poodle Dog (the mare regions at First Quarter Moon)
-NASA- Pooh (Apollo-15 site)
-LTO- Pope (west of Brunner)
-Van Langren- Popoli, de, Mare (IAU: Palus Epidemiarum)
-Caes- Popov, Vallis (the valley WNW of Popov)
-NASA- Poppy (or Poppie?) (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Porter
-Wilkins- Porthouse (IAU: McDonald)
-Hewelcke- Porphyrites, Mons (IAU: Aristarchus)
-Riccioli- Posidonius
Posidonius, Rimae
-Van Langren- Possidoni, Lacus (dark area at Grimaldi)
-Lamech- Potamos (part of Rima Ariadaeus)
-NASA- Powell (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Poynting
-Van Langren- Pozzo (IAU: Aristillus)
-Menzel, 1971- Prager
-Caes- Prager, Catena (chain north of Prager)
-Menzel, 1971- Prandtl
-Wilkins- Pratdesaba (Brisbane G)
-Van Langren- Pratii (IAU: Bode?)
-Menzel, 1971- Priestley
-Van Langren- Principis, Sinus (IAU: Sinus Roris)
-Krieger- Prinz
Prinz, Rimae
Priscilla (craterlet in Catena Davy)
-Kepler- Privolva (the moon's far side)
Procellarum, Oceanus
Procellarum Basin (aka Gargantuan Basin)
-Van Langren- Procli, Promontorium (Rukl: 48)
-Riccioli- Proclus
-IAU Commission 17- Proctor
-Riccioli- Profatius (Nicollet B)
-Hewelcke- Prophetarum, Mons (IAU: Wurzelbauer D) (aka Wilkins's Hauet)
-Hewelcke- Propontis (Sinus) (southern part of Mare Vaporum)
-Schmidt- Protagoras (Birt's Ward)
-Riccioli- Pruinae, Terra
-Riccioli- Ptolemaeus (with Ammonius on its floor)
Ptolemaeus, Rima
-Van Langren- Ptolomaei (IAU: Christian Mayer)
-Krieger- Puiseux
-NASA- Punk (Apollo-17 site)
-Riccioli- Purbach
-Menzel, 1971- Purkyne
-Van Langren- Puteani (IAU: Proclus)
-Riccioli- Putredinis, Palus
-Hewelcke- Pyramidalis, Petra (IAU: Montes Spitzbergen)
-Maedler- Pyrenaeus, Montes
-Van Langren- Pythagoras (as Pythagorae)
-Caes- Pythagoras' secondary crater chains (in Sinus Roris, near Pythagoras)
-Riccioli- Pytheas
-rille seeker- Pytheas G, Rima (W and NNW of Pytheas G)
-rille seeker- Pytheas M, Rima (W, NW, and SW of Pytheas M)
-Caes- Pytheas' mob (cluster of craterlets WNW of Pytheas)
-Caes- Pytheas' twins (couple of craterlets NW of Pytheas)
-Van Langren- Pythias (IAU: Hercules A) (Keldysh) (Lamech's Dominique)