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L nomenclature (from the IAU and from unofficial sources)

Italics indicate farside features.

The "Le Alda" mystery
Was Ken Mattingly's "LE ALDA" perhaps THE ALTAI?
154:02:57 G.E.T.: CMP Ken Mattingly (Apollo 16):
"Okay. Maybe we could have drawn a terminator that was a little more over towards the area where we've shown our target, but there may be quite a drop-off in elevation here. It would only take - quite a bit, to the Sun angle wouldn't have to be an awful lot, on a geologic scale I guess. But the actual terminator was running down just to the west of Le Alda [or Mädler?] so I ran a strip down that".
- Apollo 16 Flight Journal, David Woods and Tim Brandt. Day 7: Lunar Orbital Observations, Revs 35 to 45
Additional research: Danny Caes (the "Le Alda" mystery).

L. Clark (Laurel Blair Salton Clark, crewmember STS-107)
-Schroter- La Caille
-Schroter- La Condamine
-Schroter- La Hire, Mons
-LPI- La Hire, Rima (near Mons La Hire)
-Wilkins- La Paz (Byrgius A)
-Maedler- La Pérouse
-Van Langren- Laboris, Terra
-Menzel, 1971- Lacchini
-Neison- Lacroix
-Gassendi- Lacuna (location unknown)
Lacus Mortis Fault (Rupes Mortis)
-Krieger- Lade
-Van Langren- Lafaillii (IAU: Posidonius)
-Fauth- Lagalla
-Maedler- Lagrange
-Whitaker- Lake Titicaca (one of the low-albedo spots in Alphonsus)
-Lohrmann- Lalande
-RP 1097- Lallemand
-RLA 1963- Lamarck
-Menzel, 1971- Lamb
-Schroter- Lambert
-LTO- Lambert, Dorsum
-RLA 1963- Lamé
-Muller- Lamèch
-Krieger- Lamont
-Moore- / -Caes- Lamont's IMP-rich ghost crater (within Lamont)
-Menzel, 1971- Lampland
-Menzel, 1971- Landau
-Wilkins- Landerer (Mersenius B)
-Menzel, 1971- Lane
-Menzel, 1971- Langemak
-Menzel, 1971- Langevin
-RLA 1963- Langley
-Menzel, 1971- Langmuir
-Van Langren- Langrenianum, Mare (IAU: Mare Fecunditatis)
-Van Langren- Langrenus (as Langreni)
-Riccioli- Lansberg
-Van Langren- Lantsbergi (IAU: Breislak)
-Maedler- Laplace, Promontorium
-Caes- Laplace hillocks (west of Prom. Laplace)
-Caes- Laplace, Lacus (between Maupertuis and Prom. Laplace)
-Caes- Laplace, Mons (between Montes Recti and Prom. Laplace)
-rille seeker- Laplace West, Rimae (west of Promontorium Laplace)
-NASA- Lara (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Larmor
-Larrieu- Larrieu's Dam (see Polybius)
-Birt- Lassell
-Wood?- Lassell Massif (see Lassell)
-rille seeker- Lassell M, Rimae (NW of Lassell M)
-NASA- Last (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Last Ridge (A-11 region)
-Hewelcke- Lathmus, Mons (IAU: Davy and Palisa)
-Van Langren- Laucii (IAU: Kepler Gamma)
-Menzel, 1971- Laue
-Van Langren- Laurini (IAU: Isidorus)
-Menzel, 1971- Lauritsen
-IAU 2009- Laveran (south pole area)
-Birt- Lavinium, Promontorium (discontinued name?)
-Maedler- Lavoisier
-Caes- Lavoisier, Rimae (on the floor of Lavoisier)
-Mattingly- -NASA- Le Alda (??) (perhaps The Altai?)
-Schroter- Le Gentil
-Lohrmann- Le Monnier (Luna-21 / Lunokhod-2 site)
-Caes- Le Monnier, Catena (the chain of craterlets in Le Monnier)
-rille seeker- Le Monnier KA, Rima (the odd rille near Le Monnier KA)
-Van Langren- Le Pessier (IAU: Euler)
-Schmidt?- -Lecouturier?- Le Verrier (of the pair Le Verrier-Helicon)
-Hewelcke- Lea, Insula (IAU: Letronne pi) (bright spot at)
-Menzel, 1971- Leavitt
-Caes- Leavitt, Mons (east of Leavitt)
-Menzel, 1971- Lebedev
-Menzel, 1971- Lebedinskiy
-Birt- Lee
-NASA- Lee Scarp (Lee-Lincoln Scarp) (Apollo-17 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Leeuwenhoek
-NASA- Left Foot (of the Snowman) (Apollo-12 site)
-Maedler- Legendre
-Maedler- Lehmann
-rille seeker- Lehmann/Schickard, Rima (between Lehmann and Schickard)
-Menzel, 1971- Leibnitz
-Schroter- Leibnitz, Montes (discontinued name)
-Menzel, 1971- Lemaître
-Hewelcke- Lemnos, Insula (IAU: Lalande A)
-Wilkins- Lenham (Kies A)
Lenitatis, Lacus
-Van Langren- Lennoxis (IAU: Apianus)
-Menzel, 1971- Lents (Lenz)
-Caes- Lents's beauty (ray-crater Pierazzo)
-Rand McNally- Leon hills (see Wichmann)
Leonid (Luna-17 site)
Leonov (crewmember of Voskhod-2)
-Van Langren- Leopoldi Arch. Aust. (IAU: Maginus)
-Van Langren- Leototi (IAU: Berosus)
-Krieger- Lepaute
-Hewelcke- Lesbos, Insula (IAU: Lassell, Lassell B, C, etc.)
-Hewelcke- Letoa, Insula (IAU: Campanus A)
-Maedler- Letronne
-Menzel, 1971- Leucippus
-Hewelcke- Leucopetra, Promontorium (IAU: Promontorium Agassiz)
-Van Langren- Leurechonii (IAU: Montes Spitzbergen)
Leuschner (GDL), Catena
-Menzel, 1971- Leuschner

Lev (Luna-24 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Levi-Civita
-Lamech- Lévisky (IAU: Trouvelot)
-Menzel, 1971- Lewis
-NASA- Lewis (Apollo-17 site)
-Schroter- Lexell
-Menzel, 1971- Ley
-Sternberg- L'Hospital (at or near Mitra A)
-Hewelcke- Libanus, Mons (IAU: Purbach, Regiomontanus, Walter)
-Riccioli- Licetus
-Schroter- Lichtenberg
-Caes- Lichtenberg's ghost (remains of an ancient crater NNW of Lichtenberg)
-Krieger- Lick
-Wilkins- Liddiard (+810/ +584)
-Schmidt- Liebig
Liebig, Rimae
Liebig, Rupes
-NASA- Light Mantle (Apollo-17 site)
-NASA- Lightning (Apollo-15 site)
-Van Langren- Ligni (IAU: Furnerius?) (the same as Van Langren's Curtii?)
-Hewelcke- Ligustinus, Mons (IAU: Aristillus)
-Riccioli- Lilius (and its pronounced central peak Lilius Alpha)
-NASA- Lincoln Scarp (Lee-Lincoln Scarp) (Apollo-17 site)
Linda (craterlet near Rima Delisle)
-Menzel, 1971- Lindblad-/
-Maedler- Lindenau
-Riccioli- Linemannus (Flamsteed Kappa)
-Van Langren- Lini (IAU: Montes Teneriffe Epsilon)
-Birt?- Link, The (from Gemma Frisius to Rabbi Levi)
-NASA- Link (Apollo-15 site)
-Maedler- Linné
Linné Alpha (Valentine Dome) (nickname from Alika Herring)
-Hewelcke- Lion, Mons (IAU: Hainzel, Mee, etc.)
-LTO- Li Po (Hume Z)
-Krieger- Lippershey
-Caes- Lippershey's ghost (ghost-crater NE of Lippershey)
-Caes- Lippershey's lozenge (system of lozenge-shaped wrinkle ridges at Lippershey)
Lippmann (once known as Boltzmann)
-Caes- Lippmann-Mendel, Catena (near the NW part of Lippmann and W part of Mendel)
Lipskiy (at 180° East, 0° North)
-Hewelcke- Lipulus, Mons (IAU: Zollner)
Lister, Dorsa
-Menzel, 1971- Litke (Lütke)
-NASA- Little Green Man / LGM (in Mare Ingenii)
-NASA- Little Moltke (A-11 region)
-NASA- Little one (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Little West (Apollo-11 site)
-Maedler- Littrow
Littrow, Catena
-LTO- Littrow, Fossae
Littrow, Rimae
-Birt- Livingstone (one of the triplet of craters NW of Langrenus)
-Caes- Lobachevskiy's dark streaks (on the rim of Lobachevskiy)
-Peck- Lobster / Trilobite (system of hills NE of Gassendi)
-NASA- Locke (Apollo-17 site)
-Birt?- -Schmidt?- Lockyer
-Ronb(ee)- Locusta, Lacus / Lobster lake (near Lacus Bonitatis)
-Menzel, 1971- Lodygin
-Krieger- Loewy
-Maedler- Lohrmann
-Caes- Lohrmann A's swirl (1° South / 61° West)
-Krieger- Lohse
Lomonosov-Fleming Basin
-Markov?- Lomonosov, Montes (see Montes Archimedes)
-NASA- Lonely (Apollo-15 site)
-NASA- Lonesome Mesa (A-11 region)
-NASA- Lone Star (Apollo-16 site)
-Gilbert- Longa, Insula (IAU: part of Oceanus Procellarum)
-Van Langren- Longevalli (IAU: Zagut)
-Van Langren- Longevilli (IAU: Vendelinus)
-LTO- Longfellow (Hirayama Q)
-Van Langren- Longomontani (IAU: Mason or Plana?)
-Riccioli- Longomontanus
-Caes- Longomontanus's wafer structure (52° South / 22° West)
-Gilbert- Longum, Cape (IAU: south of Mare Nectaris)
-LTO- Lorca (Aratus CA) (Krishna in A.Rukl's atlas)
-Menzel, 1971- Lorentz (Basin)
-Rand McNally- Loro basin (see Parrot)
-NASA- Lost Basin (A-11 region)
-NASA- Lost Crater (A-11 region)
-Wood- Lost Peninsula (see Luther)
-NASA- Lost Valley (A-11 region)
-Rand McNally- Lothrop hills (see Euler) (Euler group)
Louise (craterlet near Samir, halfway between Delisle and Diophantus)
-Schroter- Louville
-Menzel, 1971- Love-/
-Caes- Love, Catena (craterchain on the western part of Love's rim)
-Menzel, 1971- Lovelace
-NASA- Lovell (IAU: Hilbert)
Lovell (crewmember Apollo-8)
-NASA- Low (IAU: Icarus)
-Wilkins- Lowe (Riccioli A)
-Menzel, 1971- Lowell
-Wilkins- Lower (Hansen B) (Franz's Olblatt)
-Rand McNally- Lower Alps highlands
-Rand McNally- Lower Apennine highlands
-NASA- Low Mesa (A-11 region)
-Neison- Lubbock
-Wood- Lubbock Rille (see Lubbock)
-Caes- Lubbock H, Catena (chain-rille slightly north of Lubbock H)
-Schroter- Lubiniezky
-Menzel, 1971- Lucretius
Lucretius (RNII), Catena
-Van Langren- LUDOVICI XIV Reg. Fran. (IAU: Alphonsus)
-Van Langren- Ludovici S., Promontorium (IAU: north of Hypatia)
-NASA- Luke (Apollo-15 site)
-Hewelcke- Lunae, Promontorium (IAU: Montes Spitzbergen) (vague bright area at)
Luna Incognita-/ (unofficial name, lunar southpole region)
Lunar V (clair-obscur phenomenon, see Ukert)
Lunar X (clair-obscur phenomenon)
-NASA- Lundi (Apollo-15 site)
-Menzel, 1971- Lundmark
Lunicus, Sinus (Luna-2 site)
-Schmidt- Luther
-rille seeker- Luther H, Rimae (SW of Luther H)
-Van Langren- Lutiani (IAU: Grove)
Luxuriae, Lacus
-RLA 1963- Lyapunov
-Hewelcke- Lybiae pars (WSW limb area)
-Hewelcke- Lychnitis, Palus (dark area SW of Santbech)
-Schmidt- Lyell
-Menzel, 1971- Lyman
-Wilkins- Lyot (IAU: Ammonius)