Names of J.N.Krieger and R.Konig

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Names of Johann Nepomuk Krieger (1865 - 1902) and Rudolf König (1865 - 1927)

Additional information to Appendix N (page 226) in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon
Research: Danny Caes

Discontinued names

(Appearing, now, only on Krieger's and König's lunar maps. Although a few of the following names were used on early IAU maps, none of them currently are.)

Note that most of these names were subdivisions of Montes Carpatus and Montes Riphaeus. Two interesting photographs on page 164 of E. A. Whitaker's book (Figures 104, A and B) show J. N. Krieger's map of the Riphaeus region, with all the named subdivisions in it.

  • Antural (at Montes Riphaeus)
  • Banat (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Banat Kap (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Banat Sinus (at Montes Carpatus, near Kap Banat)
  • Cisneutra (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Cissemlja (east of the incomplete crater Euclides P at the northern part of Montes Riphaeus)
  • Gay-Lussac Sinus (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Jekaterinburg Damm (at Montes Riphaeus and the western part of Mare Cognitum)
  • Jekaterinburg Pass (at the central part of Montes Riphaeus)
  • Karische Strasse (at the northern part of Montes Riphaeus)
  • Matra (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Neutra (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Neutra Streifen (near Montes Carpatus, streaks southwest of Pytheas)
  • Pietrosul (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Pietrosul Bucht (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Riphaeus Boreus (this and the following three names are subdivisions of Montes Riphaeus)
  • Riphaeus Major
  • Riphaeus Medius
  • Riphaeus Minor
  • Schneckenberg (north of Hyginus)
  • Semlja Nowaja note: this is a single name and not two -- see Montes Riphaeus
  • Semlja Sinus (the incomplete crater Euclides P at the northern part of Montes Riphaeus)
  • Sosigenes Bucht (near Sosigenes, at the western part of Mare Tranquillitatis)
  • Tatra (at Montes Carpatus)
  • Transsemlja' (the northwestern part of Montes Riphaeus, and southwestern part of Euclides P's rim). Note: this is the Montes Ural on several modern moonmaps such as HALLWAGs. In the Times Atlas of the Moon it is called Euclides Delta, on AIC-76A (the map known as Euclides P) it is called Euclides Zeta.
  • Ural (at Montes Riphaeus, south of Transsemlja)

Official names

(still printed on modern moonmaps, though not necessarily at the same positions)