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On this page we attempt to list all publications cited in the-moon Wiki (other than on a single page) and any others that may be of interest.


Note: There is no perfect way of organising bibliographic material. Several have been discussed on the-moon Wiki and this is one of them. If you feel strongly that it could be improved, please feel free to do so.- ArbusDriver Sep 17, 2007

Maps, atlases and related

(see also our extensive chronlogical list of lunar maps)
Atlas-guide photographique de la lune: ouvrage de référence à haute résolution. Viscardy, Georges. 1985 (cover).
Atlas of the Lunar Terminator (book) 2000.
Atlas of the Other Side of the Moon (book and maps) 1961.
Beer and Mädler - Mappa Selenographica and Der Mond (book and map) - systematic 19th century survey of lunar features.
Blagg and Müller - Named Lunar Formations (book and poor map) - first official version of the IAU nomenclature for lunar features 1935.
Bowker and Hughes - Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon 1971.
Clementine Atlas - images returned by Clementine illustrate the entire lunar surface 2004.
Collated List - Collated list of lunar formations (book) 1913 forerunner of Blagg and Müller.
Consolidated Lunar Atlas - final volume of Earth-based photos from Kuiper's LPL 1967.
Elger - The Moon: A Full Description And Map Of Its Principal Physical Features (book and map) 1895.
Guide to Lunar Orbiter Photographs - index maps to photos from all five Lunar Orbiter missions 1970.
IAU Planetary Gazetteer - official list of feature names.
International Planetary Cartography Database - on-line collection of maps
Lunar & Planetary Laboratory Catalog of Lunar Craters - best ever lunar crater catalog - unpublished.
Lunar Cartographic Dossier - map and photo reference material - documents the lunar map series produced for NASA by DMA 1973.
Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Near Side of the Moon - by Charles J. Byrne, 2005
NASA SP-241 - Atlas and Gazetteer of the Near Side of the Moon (book and photo maps) 1971.
NASA RP-1097 - NASA Catalogue of Lunar Nomenclature (book) 1982.
Neison - The Moon, and the Condition and Configurations of Its Surface (book and map) 1876.
North American Atlas - by Dinsmore Alter, 1964.
Orthographic Atlas of the Moon - second volume of photos from Kuiper's new LPL 1960.
Photographic Lunar Atlas - first volume of photos from Kuiper's new LPL 1960.
Photographic Atlas of the Moon - by W. H. Pickering, 1903.
Photographic Atlas of the Moon - photos from Pic du Midi Observatory collected by the University of Manchester group 1965.
Photographic Atlas of the Moon - Chong, Lim, and Ang (amateur atlas, 2002)
Planetary Mapping - includes articles by experts on basics of lunar cartography, 1990.
Quad Maps -- map series accompanying the LPL's System of Lunar Craters
Portfolio of Lunar Drawings - drawings of selected areas by Harold Hill, 1991.
Rectified Lunar Atlas - third volume of photos from Kuiper's new LPL 1963.
Rükl - Atlas of the Moon (book) 1991 also map 1972.
Selenographical Studies, Part I Weinek, Lick Observatory (1894).
System of Lunar Craters - (crater catalog and maps) LPL revision of IAU nomenclature 1963-1966.
The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas - (telescopic photographs by Henry Hatfield), edited by Jeremy Cook. 1999.
The Far Side of the Moon - by Charles J. Byrne, 2008
Times Atlas of the Moon - Atlas based on LAC series 1969.
USGS Digital Atlas - (on-line maps) USGS project to document the locations of IAU features on lunar imagery (ongoing).
Who's Who in the Moon - BAA notes on the names of all formations adopted by the IAU 1938.
Wilkins and Moore - The moon; a complete description of the surface of the moon (book and map) 1961.
LPOD listing of selected atlases

Catalogs of Lunar Craters

Click link for list


ALPO list of bright ray craters - maintained for the Bright Lunar Rays Project.
Antonenko, 1999 - fundamental paper on cryptomaria 1999.
Baldwin - two influential books establishing the meteoritic origin of lunar crater (1949, 1963)
Basaltic Volcanism Study Project -- major summary of volcanism in the solar system
Boint, 2001 - master's thesis on lunar topography with height measurements
Cadogan, Peter H. - The Moon: Our Sister Planet
Forsberg, Herrick, and Bussey, 1998 - oblique impacts inferred from depth profiles
Gillis and Spudis, 1996 - lunar farside maria
Guest and Greeley - Geology on the Moon - intermediate level review
Hartmann, Phillips, and Taylor. 1986. Origin of the Moon
Hartmann and Wood, 1971 - Moon: Origin and evolution of multi-ring basins - discovery paper for many lunar basins.
Haruyama, J. and others, 2008 - Long-lived volcanism on the lunar farside revealed by SELENE Terrain Camera.
Hawke and Head, 1977 - Impact Melt on Lunar Crater Rims - distribution of impact melt around lunar craters.
Head and Gifford, 1980 - Lunar mare domes - Classification and modes of origin
Heiken, Grant H./ Vaniman, David T./ French, Bevan M. - Lunar Sourcebook; A User's Guide To The Moon (book). Cambridge, 1991.
Hiesinger, H. and J. W. Head III. 2006. New Views of Lunar Geoscience: An Introduction and Overview. (PDF proof copy)
Kurt Fisher Crater Depths - compilation by an amateur astronomer of crater depths, diameters and central peak heights 2007.
Lindsay, John F. - Lunar Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (book), Elsevier, 1976.
Melosh, 1989 - Impact cratering: A geologic process
Moore et al, 1980 - Lunar Remote Sensing and Measurements - crater thermal anomalies
Mutch, 1970 - Geology of the Moon (book)
NASA SP-232 - Analysis of APOLLO 10 Photography and Visual Observations (12 MB PDF). An exploration and investigation of Apollo 10's not-indexed Hasselblad magazine 35-U is online in this page.
NASA SP-330 - Apollo 17: Preliminary Science Report (book) 1973.
NASA SP-362 - Apollo Over the Moon -- A View from Orbit (book) 1978.
Ohtake and others, 2009 - The global distribution of pure anorthosite on the Moon (paper)
Pohn, 1963 - New measurements of steep lunar slopes (paper) on 19 steep crater rims.
Schultz, 1976 - Moon Morphology (book)
Schultz, 1976b - Floor-Fractured Lunar Craters
Smith, 1973 - Identification, Distribution and Significance of Lunar Volcanic Domes
Tompkins & Pieters, 1999 - scientific paper giving compositions of 109 lunar peaks.
Wilhelms, 1987 - The Geologic History of the Moon (book).
Wood, 1971 - measurements of central peak heights, published in 1973


Alter - Pictorial Guide to the Moon, 1963+
BAA- Guide to Observing the Moon, 1986, 128p, by British Astronomical Association, Enslow Publishers Inc, available inexpensively on or through
Ball - A popular guide to the heavens, 1892+.
Burnham's Celestial Handbook (Vols 1, 2, and 3) - indeed, this not a moonbook, but... the large amount of names of astronomers and selenographers (!) in every one of the three volumes should ignite a systematic search for those names, because Burnham himself didn't made an alphabetic index to find them. It's an interesting pastime to detect those names which were used by the IAU as official lunar nomenclature!
  • Part 1 of Burnham's (A to H of the alphabetic index) (for link see introduction page Burnham's)
  • Part 2 of Burnham's (I to P of the alphabetic index)
  • Part 3 of Burnham's (Q to Z of the alphabetic index)

Cherrington - Exploring the moon through binoculars McGraw-Hill, 1968.
Chu, Alan - Moon Book (on-line only) 2009 (US mirror)
Corliss, William R. - MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE; A HANDBOOK OF ASTRONOMICAL ANOMALIES (The Sourcebook Project, 1979). This book contains lots of articles from scientific literature and astronomy related magazines, and... a rich MOON chapter!

  • Part 1: the main section of this additional online page is an alphabetic index of all the authors who wrote the many articles (the book itself has no such index).
  • Part 2: this is an alphabetic index of persons mentioned in MOON-related articles of which the authors are mostly unknown (Anonymous).
  • Part 3: Transits, this page is a short index of rare telescopic observations in the book (of possible asteroid-like objects crossing the moon's disc).
  • Part 4: this is the A to M section of a general alphabetic index of all the names (of persons) mentioned in the book Mysterious Universe (NOT the authors of the articles, only the people IN the articles). Remember: the book itself has NO index of the many mentioned persons.
  • Part 5: this is the N to Z section of the general index.

De Vries, Tjomme E. - De Maan; onze trouwe wachter. Elsevier pockets, early 1960's.
Elger, Thomas Gwyn -- The Moon, 2007 reprint by BiblioBazaar. Available
Folkes, John S. -- Collins: Observing The Moon: A Practical Beginner's Guide to Observing the Moon's Features, 2003, 64p, HarperCollins Publishers, illustrated, available amazon or
Grego, Peter - Moon observer's guide (book), Philip's, 2003.
Grego, Peter - The Moon: And How To Observe It, 2005, 274p, Springer, illustrated, available amazon or
Kitt, Michael T.-- The Moon: An Observing Guide For Backyard Telescopes: 12 Lunar Expeditions For Small Telescopes, 1991, 80p, Kalmbach Books, large format, illustrated, available inexpensively on or through
Kelsey, Robert Bruce -- Welcome To The Moon!, 1997, 112p, Naturegraph Publishers, available amazon or
Massey, Steve -- Exploring the Moon, 2004, 224p, New Holland Publishers, illustrated, available on amazon or
Moore, John - Craters of the Far Side Moon (PDF!).
North, Gerald - Observing the Moon; the modern astronomer's guide (book). Cambridge, 2000.
Plotner, Tammy - Moonwalk With Your Eyes: A Pocket Field Guide, 2010, 360p, Springer, illustrated, available amazon or
Price, Fred W. - The Moon Observer's Handbook.
Serviss, Garrett P. -- The Moon, a popular treatise, 1907. (illustrated with photos of phases)
Vandenbohede, Alexander - Observing the Lunar Libration Zones
Wanders, A.J.M. - Op Ontdekking in het Maanland - Dutch guidebook. 1950.
Webb, T.W. - Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes 1859+. (because both Volume 1 and 2 of Celestial Objects have no alphabetic lists of the names of the many observers and scientists in them, it is a most interesting pastime to compile such a (new) list and to add the digital version of the alphabetic index of lunar observers to the Moon-Wiki Project) - DannyCaes Jul 6, 2015
Webb, T.W. - The Solar System (names of astronomers and telescopic observers of the sun, the planets, and comets). This page is an appendix to Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes, Volume 1.
Webb, T.W. - Into the Dungeons of Astronomy (the underestimated art of searching names of less-known and unknown astronomers in T.W.Webb's Volume 2: The Stars). The purpose of this page is to detect unexpected names which are more-or-less connected to the IAU's official lunar nomenclature and/or informal names of lunar surface formations).
Wlasuk, Peter T. - Observing The Moon. Springer, 2000.
Wood, 2003 - The Modern Moon: A Personal View (book).


Ashbrook, 1984 - The Astronomical Scrapbook
Baum and Whitaker, 2007 - naming of Mare Orientale region
Both, 1961 - A History of Lunar Studies - pamphlet
Epic Moon - (book) history of lunar studies 2001.
The Moon, a biography (book)
The face of the moon Galileo to Apollo - exhibit catalog of historic lunar maps/images
Whitaker - Mapping and Naming the Moon (book) 1999.
Wilhelms, 1993 - To a Rocky Moon (A Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration).

Popular/General Interest

Die Mondlandung - Der Menschheit Grosstes Abenteuer - Herbert J. Pichler (1970).
Exploring the Moon; the Apollo expeditions - Harland, David M. (1999/ 2008).
Full Moon - Light, M/ Chaikin, A. Exhibition of prints of photos taken by Apollo astronauts (orbital lunar photography and LEVA-photography).
Maanmonografieen - De Meyer, H. (1969), Dethier, T. (1989). Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde (VVS).
National Geographic - (this page shows an overview of moon-related articles which appeared in the National Geographic magazine).
Operatie Maan - Titulaer, C. The story of Ranger, Surveyor, and Lunar Orbiter, and the first Apollo missions (1969).
Selections from the portfolios of the editor - ?? Taylor and Francis (publishers) (1873).
The Moon - Moore, P. / Cross, C. A. An introduction to lunar science and lunar observing. (1981).
The Once and Future Moon - Spudis, Paul D. (1996).
Volcanoes and impact craters on the Moon and Mars - Leonardi, P. (around 1969 or 1970).
Wonders of the moon - Amédée Guillemin, transl. by M. G. Mead, edited by Maria Mitchell. (1873).
Moonfire - Norman Mailer (2009). A huge coffee table book, many photographs of the first manned lunar landing by NASA's Apollo 11 (mankind's climax of the exploration of the moon, seen through the eyes of Norman Mailer).
APOLLO 11 - The NASA Mission Reports - Vols 1 and 2 Compiled from the NASA archives and edited by Robert Godwin, 1999.


Copeland, Leland S. . 1953. Queen of the Untraveled Seas. Sky and Telescope Vol. 12 (January issue), pp. 66-69.
Herczeg, Tibor. 2000. The Habitability of the Moon. Bioastronomy 99: A New Era in the Search for Life.
Herczeg, Tibor. The Habitability of the Moon (2000). in Bioastronomy '99 - A New Era in Bioastronomy, Proceedings of a Conference held on the Kohala Coast, Hawaii, 2-6 Aug. 1999, ASP Conference Series 213, Eds. G. A. Lemarchand, and K. J. Meech p. 593. abstract here
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-58381-549-6: reference for proceedings given here
Kopal, Zdeněk. 1965. Topography of the Moon. Space Science Reviews, Volume 4, Issue 5-6, pp. 737-855.
Mason, A. C.; Hackman, R. J. 1962. Photogeologic Study of the Moon. In: The Moon, (Kopal,Z. and Mikhailov, Z.K., Editors) IAU Symposium 14, Academic Press, pp. 301-316.
Whitaker, Ewen. 1954. The Lunar South Polar Regions. Journal of the British Astronomical Association, Vol. 64, No. 6, pp. 234-242.

Lunar Science Presentations

Lunar Ionosphere