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Steve Boint: Lunar Elevations Determined Using a CCD-based Shadow Method (2001)

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Master's thesis investigating the use of CCD images as a basis for measurement of vertical displacements via the shadow method.

Additional Information

All images were taken using a Meade 216XT CCD camera, a reflector with 10" primary, f/4.5, and a 2x or 3.3x Barlow. For each of the two focal chains, an arc second per pixel ratio was determined. Image processing was kept to a minimum in order to minimize error due to artifacts. On computer, from a photograph the pixel length of a feature's shadow was measured and converted to arc seconds. Jamieson's Lunar Observer's Toolkit (1997) was used for computations. Each feature in a photograph was measured five times with an effort made to mirror the spread of available beginning and end points of a shadow. These values were averaged to provide both an average and a plus or minus value. The plus or minus value directly indicates precision, not accuracy. The vertical displacements were determined for the purpose of testing the method. As such, not all are of great value for determining a feature's height or depth. The relevant values have been included in The-Moon Wiki.

Contact fatastronomer for an e-copy of the thesis.

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  • Steven J. Boint. 2001. Lunar Elevations Determined Using a CCD-based Shadow Method. Thesis. Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD.