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Lunar Places

Where, on Earth, have things significant to our understanding of the Moon occurred?
This space on the wiki will list and link to such places. Please add your suggestions - and include what the connection to the Moon is!

Thanks, Mark, Chuck & Jim

Lunar Web Sites

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Research Centers

  • Astrogeology Branch, US Geological Survey, Flagstaff, AZ - Gene Shoemaker's organization, lunar geologic mapping, investigators on most lunar and planetary explorations missions. Gerald G. Schaber's 2005 on-line book details this organization's history from 1960-1973, including oral history-type interviews with some of the personnel in Appendix A.
  • Cinder Lakes Volcanic Field - Moon-like test site for astronauts to get lunar experience. More.
  • Lunar and Planetary Lab, Tucson, AZ - Gerard Kuiper's organization, scientific home for lunarians Ewen Whitaker, Dai Arthur, Bill Hartmann, Chuck Wood
  • Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston, TX - focal point for lunar meetings since 1969
  • Lunar Curatorial Lab, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX - where all lunar samples came to be processed, classified and subdivided for distribution to0 scientists for detailed analysis
  • Sternberg Institute - Moscow State University, center of Soviet (and now Russian) lunar research