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Harold Hill: A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings (1991)

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  • A collection of meticulous drawings and notes of selected small regions of the Moon, by British amateur Harold Hill.

Additional Information

  • Samples of this book are available from its publisher, Cambridge University Press.
  • Additional samples are available in the limited preview on Google Books.
  • Note: an additional alphabetic index of all the names which are mentioned throughout the book (mostly of observers of the moon) should be compiled! Harold Hill didn't made such an index, which is a pity. - DannyCaes Jun 5, 2015

LPOD Articles


Mr.Hill's own observation of a possible Transient Lunar Phenomenon (TLP)

This is perhaps the most interesting part of this book: Harold Hill's observation of a reddish colored area near crater Lichtenberg (seems to be a "hot spot" of Transient Lunar Phenomena, especially red-colored appearances).

Additional alphabetic index of names in -A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings-

As expected, most of the names in this book are those of known selenographers and telescopic moonobservers (mostly from the golden era of moonwatching). Here and there one could encounter less known (or very unknown) names. The purpose of this alphabetic index is to focus on those less known and unknown selenographers and (rather obscure) telescopic observers of the moon, and also on totally unexpected persons!
If all goes well, this alphabetic index of names should appear here within, say, a month or two, or perhaps less... we shall see... - DannyCaes Jun 7, 2015

Names in the foreword by Richard Baum (pages xiii and xiv)

Beer xiii, W.R.Birt xiii, T.Gwyn Elger xiii, P.J.H.Fauth xiii, Camille Flammarion xiv, Galileo xiii and xiv, W.Goodacre xiii, Gruithuisen xiv, Thomas Harriot xiii, William Herschel xiv, J.N.Krieger xiii, W.G.Lohrmann xiii, Percival Lowell xiv, Madler xiii, E.Neison xiii, John Ruskin xiii, J.F.J.Schmidt xiii, J.H.Schroter xiii and xiv, L.Weinek xiii, H.P.Wilkins xiii.

The moonobserver known as Maw

On page 219 there's an interesting description of the anomalous Vendelinus rille. One of the observers of this rille (1882) was a certain Maw. Who was Maw? Was this the same person known as Dr. W.H.Maw, the observer of a small red colored spot in South? (june 15, 1913). See Additional Information at page South.