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Schultz: Moon morphology (1976)

subtitled: interpretations based on Lunar Orbiter photography
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One of the most extensive attempts to examine all the Lunar Orbiter photos and point out and classify geologically-interesting features.

Additional Information

  • Adapted from the author's 1972 University of Texas doctoral thesis.
  • Each section is profusely illustrated with details for Lunar Orbiter photos annotated with letters and arrows pointing out the features being described.

  • Contents:
    • Craters: Shape in Plan
    • Crater Floors
    • Crater Walls
    • Crater Rims
    • Crater Groups
    • Positive-Relief Features
    • Negative-Relief Featutres
    • Albedo Contrasts
    • Maria and other Plains-Forming Units
    • Appendices
      • Orientale Basin
      • Petavius
      • Copernicus
      • Aristarchus
      • Vitello
      • Messier
      • Harbinger Mountains
      • Marius Hills

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Schultz, Peter H. 1976. Moon morphology: interpretations based on Lunar Orbiter photography. Austin: University of Texas Press.