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Titulaer and Knap: Operatie Maan (1969)

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Dutch-language book for the general audience, telling the story of Ranger, Surveyor, Lunar Orbiter, and the first Apollo missions. Illustrated with lots of NASA images.

Additional Information

- This book's climax (printed on the final pages) shows photographs of a TV-screen, made during the first manned lunar landing of Apollo 11. One could say that this book is a description of the pre-Apollo days, when the moon was explored by American and Russian orbiters and unmanned landers. It also shows some images made by weather satellites (Earth photography), and wonderful color photographs made during the Gemini project. One page (page 29) shows scientific sculptor R.Turner (Ralph Turner), creating a bass-relief model of the central peak of crater Alphonsus. It is a great book to relive the hey-days of the Space Age.- DannyCaes Dec 19, 2010
- About Ralph Turner, see Charles Wood's text in the page The Founding of LPL, 1960-1972.

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