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J.E. Guest and R. Greeley: Geology on the Moon (1977)

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Part of the now-defunct Wykeham Science Series of introductory texts for advanced high school and beginning college students, this is a particularly clear and well-written review of the forces that are thought to have molded the lunar surface features.

Additional Information

  • Table of Contents
    • 1. Introduction
    • 2. A geological approach to the Moon
    • 3. Circular basins
    • 4. The maria
    • 5. Impact cratering mechanics
    • 6. Large lunar craters
    • 7. Small craters
    • 8. Erosion, regolith and shock metamorphism
    • 9. The highlands (terrae)
    • 10. Stratigraphy
    • 11. Internal structure and geophysics
    • 12. Beyong the Moon
    • 13. Epilogue

  • Contains lots of orbital lunar photographs, made by the Lunar Orbiters and during Apollo's scientific J-missions (Fairchild- and Itek-camera photographs).
  • Also available in a German language translation by Wolf von Engelhardt.

LPOD Articles


  • Guest, John, and Ronald Greeley. 1977. Geology on the moon. The Wykeham science series. London: Wykeham Publications. x, 235 pp.; 21 cm
  • Guest, John Edward, R. Greeley, and Wolf von Engelhardt. 1979. Geologie auf dem Mond. Stuttgart: Enke.