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Bussey and Spudis: The Clementine Atlas of the Moon

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A book published by lunar scientists Ben Bussey and Paul D. Spudis in 2004. It uses images returned by the 1994 Clementine space probe to illustrate the entire lunar surface, with names and locations of those features indicated on those images and on accompanying Shaded Relief maps from the US Geological Service.

Additional Information

  • According the to publisher (Cambridge University Press) this is "the most comprehensive database of lunar crater nomenclature in existence". It is actually neither comprehensive nor completely accurate. - JimMosher
  • This atlas is a very interesting source, only when it is investigated simultaneously with the online Map-a-Planet digital atlas of Clementine's moon photographs. The online photographs look a bit darker than those in the book. Many not-too-bright albedo formations are easily detectable in the book's printed photographs. For example, the enigmatic swirl-formations at Mare Ingenii look much brighter in the book than online. It's really a pleasant pastime to compare both the online (zoom-able) images and the book's printed photographs!- DannyCaes Mar 28, 2009
  • The Atlas has a number of spelling errors, all investigated and tabulated by Danny Caes!
  • A "second round" of the investigation on typographical errors (and wrong LAC-map numbers/ wrong coordinates) is seen here.

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