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N. P. Barabashov et al.: Atlas of the Other Side of the Moon

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Based on photos returned by Luna 3, this is the first book to show and attempt to describe a portion of the hemisphere of the Moon not visible from Earth. Although the quality of the observations was poor, this book, first published in Russian in 1960, was highly influential and appeared in several versions and translations because, for nearly six years the Luna 3 photos were the only ones showing any part of the Moon's farside.

Additional Information

  • The authors are usually listed as N. P. Barabashov, A. A. Mikhailov, and Yu. N. Lipsky. They represent the three main centers of scientific research tasked with analyzing and interpreting the Luna 3 photography: Barabashov led the Kharkov University group in the Ukraine; Mikhailov the Pulkovo Observatory/Lenningrad University researchers; and Lipsky the Moscow State/Sternberg Institute group.
  • The book reportedly contains 28 Luna 3 photos accompanied by 4 outline maps and descriptions of 498 features.
  • Luna 3 viewed the Moon under high Sun conditions from a longitude of approximately 120°E, so only a portion of the farside was visible; and features that could be distinguished were mostly albedo variations.
  • The book ("Atlas of the Far Side of the Moon (Editors: N. P. Barabashov, A. A. Mikhailov and Y. N. Lipsky, Moscow 1960)" was presented to the IAU at its 1961 Meeting in Berkeley, California, where the Russian scientists sought official recognition for the names they had assigned to the farside features.
  • 18 of the proposed names were adopted by the IAU, although many of the names were later moved to other features when later space missions were unable to confirm anything of significance at the originally reported locations.

LPOD Articles



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  • Note: there is reportedly also a version published in 1961 by the University of Michigan, possibly different from any of the above.