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Landing Sites


This page provides links to the-Moon Wiki pages describing the Apollo land sites and the lunar feature names associated with them, as well as feature names associated with several other lunar landings.

Additional Information

  • There are many web resources related to the Apollo flights, as well as several that provide a graphic orientation as to the exact locations on the Moon at which the landings were made. Three good examples of the latter, which "drill down" from distant to very close-range aerial photos, are:

List of Sites

Apollo 11 Site

Apollo 12 Site

Apollo 13

  • (intended landing site same as that visited by Apollo 14)

Apollo 14 Site

Apollo 15 Site

Apollo 16 Site

Apollo 17 Site

Luna 2

Luna 9

Luna 16

Chang'e-3 (touch down: december the 14th, 2013)
Near craterlet Laplace FA, south of Montes Recti and the (quite easy to observe) crater Laplace F.

Surveyor Missions

There were seven Surveyor missions; five were successful. Surveyors 2 and 4 failed. Each consisted of a single unmanned spacecraft designed and built by Hughes Aircraft Company.

Surveyor 6 was the first spacecraft to lift off from the Moon's surface, and Apollo 12 landed within walking distance of the Surveyor 3 landing site.

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