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South Cluster (Apollo 15 site craterlet-cluster name)

Lat: 26.0°N, Long: 3.7°E, Diam: 2 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

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Apollo 15 Site Traverses Chart


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Map of all the named craters and craterlets in the neighborhood of Apollo 15's landingsite, chosen by Joseph Allen and the crew Note the named craters in the South Cluster! - DannyCaes Jan 21, 2008


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South Cluster is an irregular cluster of shallow depressions on the Plain north of Mount Hadley Delta.
It is perhaps possible to observe this cluster through very powerful telescopes, during excellent seeing conditions. Maybe digital photography (webcam attached to the telescope) could catch that cluster (pre-sunset conditions; low western sun to show the shadowed inner slopes of the cluster's shallow depressions).

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Additional Information


- Astronaut-named feature, Apollo 15 site.
- Several craters and depressions in the South Cluster were individually named by NASA's Joe Allen and Apollo 15's crew. These names are: Arrowhead, Blinky, Crescent, Dune, Fifty One, Kimbal, Lightning, Pitane, and a crater which is located slightly offset near the South Cluster's southeastern rim, hence the name Offset.

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David M. Harland: EXPLORING THE MOON; The Apollo Expeditions.