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Smoky Mountains (Apollo 16 site formation name)

Lat: 8.8°S, Long: 15.6°E, Diam: 3 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 45

external image normal_Apollo_16_Smoky_Mountains.JPG
Apollo 16 Site Traverses Chart The mountain ridge continues about an equal distance to the north (see Topophotomap 78D2/S1).


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- Although the name Smoky Mountains is not mentioned in the LPI's gazetteer, there are lots of Apollo 16 photographs of these mountains. In those days (april 1972) they were frequently Hasselblad'ed on B/W and color film by both CDR John Young and LMP Charles Duke.- DannyCaes Mar 21, 2012
- However, at the LPI there's a series of Apollo 16 photographs for a certain "Smoky MOUNTAIN" (do they know only one Smoky mountain at the LPI?).- DannyCaes Mar 21, 2012


(LAC zone 78D2) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map Site Traverses map


Together with Stone Mountain south of Apollo 16's landing site these so-called "mountains" are just hill-like elevations.
Not very impressive appearances on Apollo 16's Hasselblad photographs!
Sort of anticlimax, especially when these so-called "mountains" are compared with the steep Mount Hadley and Hadley Delta of Apollo 15, or North Massif and South Massif of Apollo 17. - DannyCaes Nov 26, 2016

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Smoky Mountains (correct link)

Additional Information

The Landing Site Name "Smoky Mountains" is also plotted on Topophotomap 78D2/S1 .


Astronaut-named feature, Apollo 16 site.
An error is detected by Danny Caes on one of Apollo 16's original LEVA-traverse maps. The name STONE MOUNTAIN (near the map's upper right corner) is an error. This should be SMOKY MOUNTAINS.

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David M. Harland: EXPLORING THE MOON, the Apollo expeditions.