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Lunar Photo of the Day


Chuck Wood's LPOD is a daily web commentary on a selected lunar photo of interest. It has been running (with some interruptions) since January 1, 2004.


Starting July 1, 2008, LPOD is moving to a Wiki of its own: lpod.wikispaces.com

Here's a clickable list of the LPOD's that have been hosted on the-Moon Wiki:

Additional Information

  • Past LPOD's, from January 2006 through January 2008, can be found by following the Archives links in the navigation bar on the left side of the old LPOD page. They are also accessible via the Search box on that site.
  • LPOD's before that were hosted on a different site and can be found in the LPOD Archive
  • In addition to the Archives, the LPOD navigation bar (on the old site) has links to many other pages of interest.

New LPOD's

  • Due to technical difficulties at the 2006-2007 site, the-Moon Wiki temporarily hosted LPOD's from January - June 2008. Starting July 1, 2008 the LPOD's have a Wiki of their own lpod.wikispaces.com, and the LPOD's originally hosted on the-Moon Wiki are in the process of being moved to the new site.