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Janssen, with Rimae Janssen on its floor

Lat: 45.4°S, Long: 40.3°E, Diam: 199 km, Depth: 2.74 km, Rükl: 67, pre-Nectarian

external image normal_070831_Janssen_Tar.jpg
George Tasroudis Janssen is the large depressed area filling most of the image, with Fabricius on its upper right floor (and Metius partially visible beyond that). The two shadowed craters at lower right are Steinheil and Watt. The curved rille arcing like a tail out of Fabricius is part of Rimae Janssen.


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(LAC zone 114D3) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) JANSSEN.--An immense irregular enclosure, reminding one of the very similar area, bordered by Walther, Lexell, Hell, &c., in the third quadrant. It extends about 150 miles from W. to E., and more than 100 from N. to S., its limits on the N. being rather indefinite. Its very rugged humpy surface includes one great central mountain, and innumerable minor hills and ridges, craters, and crater-pits; but the principal feature is the magnificent curved rill-valley running from the S. side of Fabricius across the rough expanse to the S. side. This fine object, very coarse on the N., passes the central mountain on the W. side, and becomes gradually narrower as it approaches the border; before reaching which, another finer cleft branches from it on the E., and also runs to the S. side of the plain.

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