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Photographic Map

(This map is based on an Earth-based photograph that has been computer-corrected to zero libration. The vertical white lines indicate the left and right boundaries of the Rükl rectangle)
Background image source

Named Features

  • Beaumont
  • Beaumont Delta (hill south of Beaumont and Beaumont M) (see Chart 85 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).
  • Beaumont's Twenty Nine East Ridge (an unofficial name from D.Caes for the officially unnamed ridge at 29° East, north of Beaumont) (see also Chart 47 for the northern part of it near Theophilus and Madler) (note: the name Twenty Nine East Ridge is some sort of lunar equivalent of the terrestrial Ninety East Ridge on the floor of the Indian Ocean).
  • Bohnenberger
  • Bohnenberger Lambda (small hill between Bohnenberger A and Santbech M) (see Chart 86 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).
  • Dorsa Bohnenberger (an unofficial name from D.Caes for the system of wrinkle ridges west of Bohnenberger, at the eastern part of Mare Nectaris).
  • Fracastorius (Van Langren's Nassauii, J.Hewelcke's Lacus Thospitis).
  • Mare Nectaris (Van Langren's Sinus Batavicus, J.Hewelcke's Sinus Extremus Ponti).
  • Montes Pyrenaeus (J.Hewelcke's Montes Caucasus).
  • Palus Areesa (J.Hewelcke's disallowed name for a low-albedo area southwest of Fracastorius).
  • Palus Lychnitis (J.Hewelcke's disallowed name for a low-albedo area southwest of Santbech).
  • Palus Mantiana (J.Hewelcke's disallowed name for a low-albedo area southeast of Fracastorius).
  • Piccolomini (Van Langren's Noyelles, J.Hewelcke's Montes Sogdiani).
  • Richard's Ridge (a strange case, according to W.R.Birt's descriptions this should have been a name for a ridge near Fracastorius, see Lunar Objects Suitable for Observation, December 1879, page 298).
  • Romana (a disallowed name from H.P.Wilkins for Fracastorius D, or... perhaps for the exceptionally bright ray-crater Polybius A on Chart 57)(?).
  • Rosse (J.F.J.Schmidt's Beer).
  • Rosse's Ghost (a nickname from D.Caes for the ghost-crater north-northeast of Rosse).
  • Santbech Zeta (elongated hill southwest of Santbech, west-northwest of Santbech A).
  • Terra Vigoris (Riccioli's discontinued name for the southern half of Chart 58).
  • Trifid crater (a nickname from D.Caes for the unusual triangle-shaped depression at the eastern disappearing end of the rim of Fracastorius).
  • Voutzinas (F.C.Lamech's disallowed name for Fracastorius B).
  • Weinek

Lettered Crater Locations

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Full zone with lettered craters

external image Rukl_58_satellites.jpg

Lettered craters by quadrants

(the dashed white lines are the centerlines of the Rükl zones)
North West
North East

external image Rukl_58_satellites_NW.jpg

external image Rukl_58_satellites_NE.jpg

external image Rukl_58_satellites_SW.jpg

external image Rukl_58_satellites_SE.jpg

South West
South East

Additional Information