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Lat: 53.61°N, Long: 56.48°E, Diam: 122.1 km, Depth: 4.07 km, Rükl: 7, Nectarian

external image normal_endymion_2006.05.02.jpg
Oliver Pettenpaul Endymion is the large flat-floored crater in the center.


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  • The eighth item in C.A.Wood's list of Concentric Craters (1978) is the unnamed concentric crater southwest of Endymion. The Hi-Res scan of Lunar Orbiter 4's photograph LOIV-67-h3 shows this concentric crater very well, "below and to the left" of Endymion. Note also the curious row of three bowl-shaped craterlets on the floor of Endymion itself, which is a wonderful target for observers of the moon. Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 14C1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF



(IAU Directions) ENDYMION.--A large walled-plain, 78 miles in diameter, enclosed by a lofty, broad, bright border, surmounted in places by peaks which attain a height of more than 10,000 feet above the interior, one on the E. measuring more than 15,000 feet. The walls are much terraced and exhibit two or three breaks. The dark floor appears to be devoid of detail. Schmidt, however, draws two large irregular mounds W. of the centre, and shows four narrow light streaks crossing the interior nearly parallel to the longer axis of the formation.



Additional Information

Endymion as a greyish pancake on SLC-B1

  • Endymion is the first one of the surface formations to give some color. Well, it isn't real color, it's just grey. In january 2017 I decided to add greyish shades on several sections of the 44 printed SLC moonmaps (System of Lunar Craters, 1966) (pencil, type H-7). In other words, all of the low-albedo regions on these white maps should get their corresponding shades of grey! Crater Endymion is a very easy formation, because of its uniform shade of grey. Nearer to the moon's north-northeastern limb it's a little bit more difficult to add the grey of Mare Humboldtianum, because there is no indication of its rim. You need a much more detailed map such as Antonin Rukl's chart 7 to know the location of this low-albedo basin (Rukl's chart 7 shows Mare Humboldtianum and nearby Endymion, acting as its guide). See the scan of the original non-colored SLC-B1 to know what I mean. - DannyCaes Feb 12, 2017

Row of three craterlets on Endymion's floor

  • There's a curious row of three craterlets on the northwestern part of Endymion's floor (arranged as a perfect "line"). This triplet is a very good test object for telescopic observers of the moon! However, Endymion's Triplet, as D.Caes calls it, is not depicted on chart 7 of Antonin Rükl's Atlas, which shows Endymion with a "featureless" floor. This triplet seems to have been discovered by Major Molesworth in 1894, see page 159 of T.W.Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes, Volume 1: The Solar System. Research Danny Caes

An ancient large crater between Endymion and De La Rue?

  • There seems to be an ancient hidden large crater between Endymion and De La Rue, see SLC map B1 (System of Lunar Craters, 1966).


  • Named for Endymion, a handsome Aeolian shepherd or hunter in Greek mythology.
  • The name Endymion was first used by Michel Florent Van Langren (Langrenus) as Endymionis. It is one of only three names in Van Langren's list which were anchored to their original location throughout the entire history of selenography. The other two are Langreni (IAU: Langrenus) and Pythagorae (IAU: Pythagoras).
  • This name (Endymion) was given by Riccioli and became Catalog Entry 403 in the Collated List and in Named Lunar Formations.
  • According to IAU Transactions III (page 119), Felix Chemla Lamèch proposed Frédéricos as a replacement for Endymion A (Catalog Entry 404), but the IAU did not accept his proposal. Research: Ewen A. Whitaker and Danny Caes (August 2003, mail correspondence).
  • The crater Endymion B was called L.F. Ball by Wilkins and Moore. The I.A.U. did not accept that name either. L.F. Ball, a contemporary English selenographer, discovered the triplet of craters east of Encke.

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