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Blagg and Saunder: Collated list of lunar formations (1913)

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This book is the culmination of an effort initiated by Saunder, a math teacher and amateur selenographer, in about 1905. His calls for standardization of the lunar nomenclature were heeded by H.H. Turner, Director of the Oxford University Observatory, to whom Blagg served as an assistant. Primarily through Blagg's efforts, the final list of 4,789 named entries, showing how each was named by each of the three "authorities" was completed. Blagg's work on the Collated List formed the basis for Named Lunar Formations, the first official list of IAU nomenclature, published in 1935. 

Additional Information

  • Two copies of the Collated List can be viewed on-line as a "flip-book" or freely downloaded from the Internet Archive Library: Copy 1 (22 MB) and Copy 2 (33 MB).
  • Two copies are also available on the Digital Library of India: Copy 1 Copy 2
  • It is also available in "limited preview" form on Google Books (most pages can be accessed using the "Search" function on the left).
  • The introductory material and Index are also available on this Wiki.

  • As reported in the 1928 and 1932 IAU Transactions, Dr. Karl Müller, in preparation for the publication of Named Lunar Formations, extended the Collated List to include the names and letters of the surface features in the catalogs of Lohrmann, Gaudibert, Goodacre, Wilkins, Andel, Debes, Krieger, Fauth and possibly in a map/catalog of his own which he reportedly had in preparation, as well as making corrections to the original list. Although there was talk of publishing Müller's list, it may never have appeared in print.

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