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Lat: 10.4°S, Long: 12.4°E, Diam: 35 km, Depth: 2.0 km, Rükl: 45

external image normal_Andel_LO-IV-096H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-096H A number of lettered craters associated with Andel are visible in this view. Part of the ancient 27-km diameter Andel M is visible in the upper left corner, below that is 8-km Andel N, and below that the eastern half of 14-km Andel A.


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Additional Information

  • The depth given in the title line is the maximum depth read from LTO-78D1. The LTO shows Andel has a relatively flat floor at an elevation of about 7800 m and a rim ranging in height from 8700 to 9770 m (a constant offset of 1,730,000 m has to be added to all these numbers to obtain radial distances from the Moon's center). According to the LTO, the southern part of Andel's rim, which under the lighting of the Lunar Orbiter photo looks nearly non-existent, has a substantial height of about 9200 m (1400 m above the floor). - JimMosher
  • The shadows in LO-IV-096H indicate a depth of at least 1600 m. - JimMosher
  • According to Sekiguchi, 1972, Andel A has a central peak that is 0.4km tall and an additional small hill that is 0.3km tall. - fatastronomer These values seem slightly inconsistent with LTO-78D1, which shows maximum height variations of about 200 m, but the LTO's are not infallible. The features measured by Sekiguchi are just outside the left margin of the image shown above. - JimMosher


  • Karel Andel (1884-1948); Czechoslovakian astronomer .
  • Named by Karl Müller in Named Lunar Formations in 1935 (Whitaker, p 229).
  • Andel is one of the relatively few people to have a crater named after them while they were still alive.
  • This name contains an accented "e" that cannot be represented in Wiki text. Follow the Wikipedia links or visit the IAU Gazetteer page for the proper representation of this name.

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Somewhere over the Rainbow (Andel and its environs during local sunset).