Rimae Liebig

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Rimae Liebig

{"discontinued" IAU name)

Lat: 24.3°S, Long: 48.2°W, Diam: 200 km (?), Depth: , Rükl 51

external image normal_Western_Mare_Humorum_Rilles_LTM_Sheet2.jpg
Army Map Service, 1964 An interpretation of the Liebig rilles listed in Named Lunar Formations (1935). Liebig Ir is pictured near the western shore of Mare Humorum, somewhat close to the modern Rupes Liebig. Liebig IIr and IIIr are pictured to the southwest of Liebig.


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Additional Information

  • Liebig Ir (in the nomenclature of Blagg and Müller is described in some detail in a 1965 article by William Quaide (see references). In that article, it is noted that in parts it looks like a "normal fault" (the modern Rupes Liebig), and north of that like a conventional rille (that portion currently being assigned to Rimae Mersenius).


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