Rupes Liebig

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Rupes Liebig

Lat: 25.0°S, Long: 46.0°W, Length: 180 km, Height: km, Rükl 51

external image normal_Rupes_Liebig_LO_iv_149_h1.jpg
LOIV 149 H1 Rupes Liebig is the bright scarp above image center (passing through the relatively small circular crater (Liebig D). The scarp can be thought of as an extension of Rima Mersenius III, which extends out of it to the northeast.


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  • Oblique south-looking views of Rupes Liebig were captured during the mission of Apollo 16 in april 1972 (on color Hasselblad film). Several frames near the end of Magazine 120-V show the western "shoreline" of Mare Humorum with Rupes Liebig in it, photographed during local post-sunrise circumstances. Research Danny Caes


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Rupes Liebig

Additional Information


  • Named for the nearby crater (Liebig).
  • This name was assigned in the System of Lunar Craters.
  • Rupes Liebig was probably thought of as part of the Liebig Ir rille in the earlier IAU nomenclature.
  • Nameless on Chart 79 in the Times Atlas of the Moon. Even the Rimae Doppelmayer south of Rupes Liebig is not named. - DannyCaes Apr 13, 2014

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