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Names of Julius Heinrich Franz (1847 - 1913)

Additional information to Appendix M (page 225) of Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon
Research: Danny Caes

- Abel
- Hall
- Kelvin (Promontorium Kelvin ??)
- Jungnitz (Schmidt's Demonax)
- Mare Aestatis (Lacus Aestatis)
- Mare Anguis
- Mare Autumnis (Lacus Autumni or Autumnae)
- Mare Hiemis (dropped after 1961)(the dark spot on the floor of crater Schluter, which was also called Malvasia by Schroter)
- Mare Marginis
- Mare Novum (dropped after 1961)(the dark floor of Joliot)
- Mare Orientale
- Mare Parvum (dropped after 1961)(possibly the dark region in the centre of the Mendel-Rydberg basin)
- Mare Spumans
- Mare Undarum
- Mare Veris (Lacus Veris)
- Mare Trans Hahn (not in M.Blagg's Named Lunar Formations)(see also Hahn)

Franz's miscellaneous nicknames at the Mare Crisium/ Mare Anguis region:

- Drachenauge (Mare Anguis A)
- Drachenkamm (Eimmart Delta, or Alhazen Delta?)
- Olblatt (Hansen B)
- Schwanzende (Mare Anguis T)
- Zungenspitze (or Zugspitze?)(Mare Anguis Xi)

(each one of the above mentioned weird nicknames was printed in M.Blagg's Named Lunar Formations)

J.H.Franz in Sky and Telescope:

December 1960 (20,6) 321
April 1968 (35,4) 215
April 1969 (37,4) 229