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Rükl Zone 44 - PTOLEMAEUS

Neighboring maps on the Rükl Nearside Map:










Photographic Map

(This map is based on an Earth-based photograph that has been computer-corrected to zero libration. The vertical white lines indicate the left and right boundaries of the Rükl rectangle)
Background image source

Named Features

  • Albategnius (Van Langren's Ferdinandi III Imp. Rom., J.Hewelcke's Mons Didymus).
  • Albategnius Alpha (the central peak of Albategnius).
  • Alphonsus (Van Langren's Ludovici XIV Reg. Fran., J.Hewelcke's Mons Masicytus).
  • Alphonsus Alpha (the central peak of Alphonsus).
  • Alter (a disallowed name from H.P.Wilkins for Albategnius G).
  • Ammonius (once called Lyot by H.P.Wilkins).
  • Catena Muller (an unofficial name from D.Caes for the pronounced chain of depressions immediately west of Muller).
  • Chang-Ngo (on the northeastern part of the floor of Alphonsus).
  • Dublier (a disallowed name from H.P.Wilkins for Alphonsus D).
  • Flammarion
  • Gyldén
  • Herschel (Van Langren's Pamphilii, J.Hewelcke's Mons Mesogys).
  • Hipparchus (J.Hewelcke's Mons Olympus).
  • José (on the northeastern part of the floor of Alphonsus).
  • Klein
  • Lake Titicaca (E.A.Whitaker's nickname for a small location on the west rampart of Alphonsus) (see page 152 in V.A.Firsoff's book The Old Moon and the New, 1969).
  • Monira (on the northeastern part of the floor of Alphonsus).
  • Müller
  • Oppolzer
  • Oppolzer A (see also the Lunar Heliotrope project, aka Project Pharos) (a large sunlight reflecting mirror on top of an unmanned rover to create a lighthouse effect and to observe the minute speck of light through very powerful telescopes).
  • Ptolemaeus (Van Langren's Innocentii X, J.Hewelcke's Mons Sipylus).
  • Ranger 9 (impacted on March 24, 1965, northeast of the central peak of Alphonsus).
  • Ravi (on the northeastern part of the floor of Alphonsus).
  • Réaumur
  • Rhaeticus (J.Hewelcke's Mons Mysius).
  • Rima Oppolzer
  • Rima Ptolemaeus (discontinued (?) IAU name).
  • Rima Réaumur
  • Rimae Alphonsus (once known as Fossae Alphonsus, see Lunar Topophotomap 77D3S1).
  • Seeliger
  • Sinus Medii (Van Langren's Sinus Medius) (the southern part of it, occupying the upper section of Chart 44, north of Oppolzer).
  • Soraya (on the northeastern part of the floor of Alphonsus).
  • Spörer
  • Terra Dignitatis (Van Langren's disallowed name for the whole of Chart 44).
  • Terra Sanitatis (Riccioli's discontinued name for the whole of Chart 44).
  • Vallis Gyldén (an unofficial name from D.Caes for the pronounced valley at the western rim of Gyldén, which is part of the Imbrium radial sculpture) (note that most (or every one) of the valley- or groove-like depressions in the neighbourhood of the Ptolemaeus-Alphonsus-Arzachel-Albategnius group are in fact related to the Imbrium sculpture or Imbrium radial sculpture. To give names to all these radial "grooves" would be a most interesting project!).

Lettered Crater Locations

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Full zone with lettered craters

external image Rukl_44_satellites.jpg

Lettered craters by quadrants

(the dashed white lines are the centerlines of the Rükl zones)
North West
North East

external image Rukl_44_satellites_NW.jpg

external image Rukl_44_satellites_NE.jpg

external image Rukl_44_satellites_SW.jpg

external image Rukl_44_satellites_SE.jpg

South West
South East

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