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Klein - on the WSW part of the floor of Albategnius

Lat: 12.01°S, Long: 2.48°E, Diam: 43.47 km, Depth: 1.46 km, Rükl: 44

external image normal_Klein_LO_iv_101_h2.jpg
LOIV 101 H2 Klein is at center. The larger crater surrounding it and extending to the upper right is Albategnius. The prominent crater on Klein's upper right rim is Klein A.


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Additional Information


  • Named for Hermann Joseph Klein (September 14, 1844 – 1914), a German astronomer, author and professor. He attained his doctorate from the University of Cologne in 1874, and taught at the school. He was a member of the Selenographical Society and translated Neison, 1876 into German. He also introduced Johann Krieger to Hugo Seeliger, Director of the Munich Observatory, who encouraged the latter's career in astronomy. Klein is perhaps best remembered for his erroneous report, in 1877, of a new crater or spot near Hyginus.
  • This crater was Catalog Number 3578 in the Collated List where it is noted it was called Albategnius A by all three authorities.
  • In the original IAU nomenclature of Named Lunar Formations the name was changed to Klein (adopting a suggestion in Krieger and König), and the designation Albategnius A was recycled to a previously unnamed 7-km diameter crater to the northwest of Albategnius. Three previously unnamed craters were also assigned as satellites to Klein (A, B, and C).

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