Lunar Sinus

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List of Lunar "Bays"

external image Sinus%20list.jpg
Enrique Luque Cervigón A labeled view the nearside bays

Sinus Aestuum
Sinus Amoris
Sinus Asperitatis
Sinus Concordiae
Sinus Fidei
Sinus Honoris
Sinus Iridum
Sinus Lunicus
Sinus Medii
Sinus Roris
Sinus Successus

Discontinued names

William Gilbert (1540-1603)

(see sketch of Full Moon at page 13 and list on page 15 in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon)
- Sinus Magnus (between Mare Fecunditatis and Mare Nectaris).
- Sinus Orientalis (near the southwestern part of Oceanus Procellarum and Mare Humorum).

Michiel Florent Van Langren (Langrenus)

(see page 200 in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and naming the Moon, Appendix D; Van Langren's nomenclature)
- Sinus Athlanticus (anonymous).
- Sinus Batavicus (Mare Nectaris and Sinus Asperitatis).
- Sinus Erathostenis (anonymous, near Mare Smythii).
- Sinus Geometricus (Sinus Iridum).
- Sinus Medius (the same: Sinus Medii).
- Sinus Opticus (Sinus Amoris).
- Sinus Principis (Sinus Roris).

Johann Hewelcke (Hevelius)

(see pages 201-208 in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon, Appendix E; Hevelius's nomenclature)
- Sinus Apollinis (Sinus Iridum).
- Sinus Atheniensis (Sinus Asperitatis).
- Sinus Carcinites (eastern portion of Lacus Somniorum).
- Sinus Caucasius (Sinus Concordiae).
- Sinus Extremus Ponti (Mare Nectaris).
- Sinus Gallicus (northeastern part of Mare Imbrium).
- Sinus Propont. ad Hellespontum (western corner of Mare Vaporum).
- Sinus Hipponiates (Sinus Aestuum).
- Sinus Hyperboreus (Sinus Roris).
- Sinus Inferior (southern end of Mare Fecunditatis).
- Sinus Orientalis (western end of Mare Frigoris).
- Sinus Paestanus (south-southeastern region of Mare Imbrium).
- Sinus Peronticus (northwestern corner of Mare Serenitatis).
- Sinus Phasianus (east-southeastern corner of Mare Tranquillitatis).
- Sinus Propontis (southern part of Mare Vaporum).
- Sinus Sagaricus (north-northeastern part of Mare Serenitatis).
- Sinus Salmydessus (high-albedo patch at Linné).
- Sinus Sirbonis (Mare Humorum).
- Sinus Strymonicus (eastern part of Mare Nubium).
- Sinus Syrticus (low-albedo region southwest of Encke).
- Sinus Tarantinus (southeastern part of Mare Insularum).
- Sinus Wendelini (see list on page 54 of E.A.Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon).

Johann Nepomuk Krieger and Rudolf Konig

(see page 226 in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon, Appendix N; Krieger's and Konig's nomenclature)
- Sinus Banat (Banat Sinus; at the Montes Carpatus, probably related to Cape Banat, aka Kap Banat).
- Sinus Gay-Lussac (Gay-Lussac Sinus; near crater Gay-Lussac at the Montes Carpatus).
- Pietrosul Bucht, sometimes called Pietrosul Sinus, see Pietrosul Bay.
- Semlja Sinus (the incomplete crater Euclides P at the northern part of Montes Riphaeus).
- Sosigenes Bucht (probably at the western shoreline of Mare Tranquillitatis, near crater Sosigenes).

Names on the Sternberg Institute's Map of the Moon (1967/ 1969)

- Sinus Adlunationis (Planitia Descensus; the landing site of Luna 9).
- Sinus Astronautorum (south of Komarov, at or near the southeastern rim of Mare Moscoviense).
- Sinus Landing (probably the same as Sinus Adlunationis/ Planitia Descensus).