Sinus Fidei

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Sinus Fidei (and Rima Conon)

Lat: 18.0°N, Long: 2.0°E, Diam: 70 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 22

external image normal_sinus-fidei-clem1.jpg
This Clementine image shows the dark region Sinus Fidei (south of Conon) and the zig-zag'esque Rima Conon running over it.


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  • Lunar Image of the Week, N° 70 (oblique southward view of Sinus Fidei and Rima Conon in it)
    • Apollo 17's westward looking oblique Hasselblad photograph AS17-153-23579 shows Sinus Fidei (and Rima Conon) near and at the central part of the frame.
    • Research Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes


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Sinus Fidei

Additional Information

  • A most interesting feature in Sinus Fidei is the zig-zag'esque Rima Conon, which is a very good target for every kind of telescopic moon observer!- DannyCaes May 30, 2009

Lunar Ellipse of Fire

The region of Sinus Fidei is (or was?) number three in the list of 12 localities in the Lunar Ellipse of Fire (see article from Farouk El-Baz in Sky and Telescope - June 1973).


  • The IAU name is Latin for "Bay of Trust".
  • This name was not part of the original IAU nomenclature. Instead it is one of 120 names appearing on NASA's LTO charts that were approved by the IAU in 1976.
  • A curious system of odd-shaped rilles at approximately 18° North/ 2° East (near Rima Conon) is called the Pi Symbol by the dedicated moon observer and photographer Stefan Lammel. Investigate his interesting photograph of this region.

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