Sinus Concordiae

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Sinus Concordiae

Lat: 10.8°N, Long: 43.2°E, Diam: 142 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 37

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  • Apollo 10's oblique north-looking photographs of Sinus Concordiae: AS10-30-4432 and 4433.
  • AS15-88-11974 shows Apollo 15's CSM Endeavour over Sinus Concordiae. The crater in the windows's upper left corner is Cauchy D, once known as Noether (see: LTO-61B4).
  • Apollo 17's AS17-145-22263 is a southward view at Sinus Concordiae. The cratered region in the foreground is Palus Somni.
  • Apollo 17's AS17-M-1646 is also a southward looking view at Sinus Concordiae (to the left of the frame's centre).
  • Additional research Apollo 10, Apollo 15, and Apollo 17 photography: Danny Caes (- DannyCaes Jul 22, 2015)


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Sinus Concordiae

Additional Information

  • According to the dedicated observer of the moon SandiBandi of Slovenia, the nameless hillocks in the western part of Sinus Concordiae, near craters Cauchy D (Noether) and Cauchy W, are appearing as "I M" or "M I" on terrestrial telescopic photographs of the Palus Somnii region, or on mirror images derived from them.


"Bay of Harmony".

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