Lacus Gaudii

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Lacus Gaudii

Lat: 16.2°N, Long: 12.6°E, Diam: 113 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 23

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Consolidated Lunar Atlas -- Plate C8 Lacus Gaudii is the dark mare-floored region in the center of this frame. To its north, across the Montes Haemus, is the southwestern shore of Mare Serenitatis. To its south are 50-km Lacus Hiemalis (on the right) and 80-km Lacus Lenitatis (bisected by the bottom margin).


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To detect the location of a less-known region such as Lacus Gaudii on orbital photographs made during the Apollo program is a real pleasure.
Apollo 17's oblique southward looking Fairchild camera photograph AS17-M-2420 shows Lacus Gaudii slightly leftward of the frame's centre. Earlier in the mission, it was captured at centre of frame AS17-M-1667.
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Lacus Gaudii

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"Lake of Joy"

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