Rupes Toscanelli

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Rupes Toscanelli

Lat: 27.4°N, Long: 47.5°W, Length: 70 km, Height: km, Rükl: 18

external image normal_Rupes-Toscanelli_LO-IV-151H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-151H This Lunar Orbiter view extends from the 8-km circular crater Väisälä in the lower left to 22-km Krieger in the upper right. To the right of Väisälä is 7-km Aristarchus B. Rupes Toscanelli is the ridge extending north from Aristarchus B through 7-km Toscanelli and a little beyond it. Much of the view is filled with rilles, most of which are probably regarded as part of the Rimae Aristarchus system. The sunlit arc in the lower right corner is part of the northwest rim of 46-km Prinz. The bright sharp-edged half-circles scattered over the frame are defects in the film development.


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The small number of named lunar faults are places where the lunar crust has moved vertically, creating a scarp. Rupes Toscanelli does not appear to be a fault like the others. It has a rounded surface rather than a scarp and appears to be a mare ridge with a slightly steep edge. Its curvature is more like a ridge than a vertical fault too. In any case it is too insignificant a feature to warrant a name, especially one that is a wrong classification. - tychocrater Nov 24, 2007

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Rupes Toscanelli

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Named from nearby crater. (Toscanelli)

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