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Neighboring maps on the Rükl Nearside Map:







Photographic Map

(This map is based on an Earth-based photograph that has been computer-corrected to zero libration. The vertical white lines indicate the left and right boundaries of the Rükl rectangle)
Background image source

Nearside Named Features

  • Aristoteles (Van Langren's Brahei) (Tycho Brahe) (J.Hewelcke's Mons Serrorum).
  • One of the radial craterlet-chains near Aristoteles once received the name Rima Aristoteles (see Chart 4 in the Times Atlas of the Moon, north-northwest of Aristoteles) (see LRO close-up: http://bit.ly/2y8WrRl ).
  • Aristoteles Gamma (hillock north of Aristoteles, see Chart 4 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).
  • Aristoteles Zeta and Theta (the two peaks slightly southward of the centre of Aristoteles, see Chart 11 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).
  • Arnold
  • Baillaud
  • C. Mayer (Van Langren's Ptolomaei, J.Hewelcke's Montes Sarmatici).
  • Danjon (F.C.Lamech's disallowed name for the incomplete formation between Kane and Gartner).
  • De Sitter
  • Democritus (Van Langren's Alfonsi IX Reg. Cast., J.Hewelcke's Mons Bontas).
  • Dorsa Galle - Gartner - Baily (an unofficial name from D.Caes for the system of wrinkle ridges at the eastern part of Mare Frigoris, near craters Galle, Gartner, and Baily, see Chart 6) (see also LPOD June 3, 2012).
  • Egede
  • Euctemon (Van Langren's Albategni) (?) (E.A.Whitaker isn't sure about that one) (note: on the Strasbourg forgery of Van Langren's map this crater was called Silvecani).
  • Galle
  • Gasser (F.C.Lamech's disallowed name for C. Mayer D).
  • Kane
  • Mare Frigoris (Van Langren's Mare Astronomicum, J.Hewelcke's Mare Hyperboreum) (the part of it north of Aristoteles).
  • Meton (system of bay shaped craters, see Additional Information below).
  • Mitchell
  • Moigno
  • Mons Aureus (J.Hewelcke's disallowed name for the bowl shaped crater Egede A).
  • Mrs. Somerville (J.Lee's disallowed name for a conspicuous crater somewhere northeast of Aristoteles).
  • Neison
  • Petermann
  • Peters
  • Protagoras Xi (hill east of Protagoras, at 56°45' North/ 15° East, see Chart 4 in the Times Atlas of the Moon). This hill seems to be known as Protagoras Epsilon on SLC map C1 (System of Lunar Craters, 1966).
  • Regio Hyperborea (J.Hewelcke's disallowed name for the northern limb region).
  • Rima Sheepshanks
  • Sheepshanks
  • Terra Siccitatis (Riccioli's discontinued name for the region north of Mare Frigoris) (Van Langren's Terra Honoris).

Farside Named Features

(The following features are not formally included in the present Rükl rectangle, but they are adjacent to it and their centers are less than 10° beyond the mean limb -- so they may be seen here in whole or in part with a favorable libration)

Lettered Crater Locations

(click on the thumbnails to display full-sized images; use browser BACK button to return - the dashed white lines are the midpoints of the Rükl zones)

Full zone with lettered craters:
external image Rukl_5_satellites.jpg

Lettered craters by quadrants:
North West
North East

external image Rukl_5_satellites_NW.jpg

external image Rukl_5_satellites_NE.jpg

external image Rukl_5_satellites_SW.jpg

external image Rukl_5_satellites_SE.jpg

South West
South East

Additional Information

Bay shaped craters

  • Note the system of bay shaped craters Meton, Meton C, Meton D, Meton E, and Meton F. Note also the appearance of this system (or rather: cluster) on page 8 (LAC 4) of Ben Bussey's and Paul Spudis's Clementine Atlas of the Moon.- DannyCaes Nov 10, 2008