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Lat: 80.9°N, Long: 95.3°E, Diam: 104 km, Depth: 4.27 km, Rükl: (farside)

Nansen.jpgexternal image normal_Nansen_Clementine_LTVT.JPG
left: LROC
right: Clementine Nansen is in the center with 16-km diameter Nansen U on its west rim and 25 km Houssay on its north rim..


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  • Named for Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), a Norwegian explorer.
  • Name originally proposed by P.Moore; shifted to a different crater in Rectified Lunar Atlas (1963) and approved by IAU in 1964 (Whitaker, p. 235).
  • The much smaller astronaut-named feature Nansen-Apollo, at the Apollo 17 landing site, honors the same person.
  • According to H. P. Wilkins and P. Moore's book The Moon there should be a limb-crater called Esquivel, beyond Nansen. The IAU did not accept the name Esquivel. Pedro Esquivel was a Spanish geographer (circa 1550).

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Fridtjof Nansen in the Sourcebook Project (Rare Halos, Mirages, Anomalous Rainbows, and related electromagnetic phenomena, William R. Corliss, 1984):
  • The Winter Night (Farthest North, 1897) (Optical Effects Where Halo Displays Touch the Horizon).
  • We Prepare for the Sledge Expedition (Farthest North, 1897) (Unexplained Magnetic Disturbances).