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(formerly Macrobius A)

Lat: 19.51°N, Long: 40.36°E, Diam: 19.73 km, Depth: 3.8 km, Rükl: 25

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  • AS15-87-11703 is the last one of three spectacular orbital Hasselblads which show both Carmichael' (background) and Hill (foreground), looking south-southwest. The bowl-shaped crater near the horizon is Theophrastus. The odd bell-shaped objects at the left margin of this photograph are two of LM Falcons small exhaust nozzles. - DannyCaes Dec 27, 2007


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Additional Information

Lunar Ellipse of Fire

Macrobius A (Carmichael) is (or was?) number twelve in the list of 12 localities in the Lunar Ellipse of Fire
(see article from Farouk El-Baz in Sky and Telescope - June 1973).


  • Named for Leonard Carmichael (November 9, 1898 – September 16, 1973), an American psychologist.
  • Macrobius A, the former name attributed to Beer and Mädler, had been Catalog number 182 in the Collated List and Named Lunar Formations.
  • Carmichael, for this feature, appears in the list of approved names published in IAU Transactions XVB (1973). The new honoree is not identified.
  • The replacement name was first used on LTO-43C4 (May 1974) for which it served as the chart title.
  • The association of the name with the present honoree is based on listings in early versions of the IAU Planetary Gazetteer. Biographical information was also published in Ashbrook, 1974, however Leonard Carmichael would have still been alive at the time of the August 1973 IAU meeting, which means that if actually approved at that meeting this would be a rare case (in modern times) of a feature being named for a living honoree.

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