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Lat: 63.4°S, Long: 44.8°W, Diam: 71 km, Depth: 3.69 km, Rükl: 71

external image normal_Bettinus_LO-IV-154H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-154H Several lettered craters named after Bettinus are visible here. These include Bettinus F, the 6-km crater on the main crater's northeast floor, nearly covered by shadow; 7-km Bettinus E, on the rim nearby; 8-km Bettinus H, also on the rim at 5 o'clock; 9-km Bettinus D, outside the rim at 7 o'clock; and ragged 26-km Bettinus A in the lower left corner. The 12-km crater along the lower right margin (below Bettinus H) is Kircher B, named for the nearby crater to the south.


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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) BETTINUS.--Another ring-plain of the same type and size, some distance S. of Zuchius, with a massive border, terraced within, and rising on the E. more than 13,000 feet above the floor, on which stands a grand central mountain, whose brilliant summit is in sunlight a long time before a ray reaches any part of the deep interior.

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  • Named for Mario Bettinus (February 6, 1582 - November 7, 1657), an Italian Jesuit philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. His Apiaria Universae Philosophiae Mathematicae is an encyclopedic collection of mathematical curiosities.
  • According to Whitaker (p. 211), this was one of the original names from Riccioli's map, where it was listed as Bettinus Soc. I (the "Soc. I" standing for "Society of Jesus" -- see the list of Jesuit astronomers).

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