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Catena Abulfeda

(official IAU name, also known informally as Abulfeda crater chain)

Lat: 16.61°S, Long: 16.68°E, Length: 209.97 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 56 and 57

external image normal_Catena%20Abulfeda_LO_iv_089_h2.jpg
LOIV 089 H2 The Abulfeda crater chain starts in the upper left corner and goes to the lower right corner of this image.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images

  • Most of Apollo 16's southward-looking orbital photographs of Catena Abulfeda are online in the LPI's list of crater Abulfeda itself.
  • Lunar Orbiter 5's Frame 084 shows a close-up of the northern part of Catena Abulfeda and the southern half of the adjacent crater Abulfeda.
    • Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 96A2) LAC map Geologic map



Catena Abulfeda

Additional Information

  • IAU page: Catena Abulfeda
  • List of Lunar Catenae.
  • Abulfeda crater chain is thought to have formed from impacts of a disrupted comet. - tychocrater Jun 23, 2007


Named from nearby crater. (Abulfeda)

LPOD Articles


  • Apollo Over the Moon, Chapter 3: The Terrae (Part 2), Figure 45.
  • Don E. Wilhelms, To a Rocky Moon: a Geologist's History of Lunar Exploration, Page 286 (Abulfeda Chain).

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