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Lat: 13.87°S, Long: 13.9°E, Diam: 62.23 km, Depth: 1.23 km, Rükl: 45, Nectarian

Bruno Daversin. June 4, 2005. Ludiver Observatory


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  • Lunar Orbiter 5's Frame 084 is an interesting close-up of Abulfeda's southern half and the adjacent northern part of Catena Abulfeda.
  • Abulfeda E, a bright high-albedo craterlet west-southwest of Abulfeda itself, was captured on several frames of the southward-looking mapping/metric Fairchild camera of Apollo 16. The last ones of the series which show Abulfeda E have also captured the reflected light on the eastern shadowed inner slopes of that craterlet. The Arizona State University's zoomify-scan of frame AS16-M-0708 shows Abulfeda E very near the lower right corner of the photograph. The large crater in the foreground is Albategnius. To get a good view of the reflected light on Abulfeda E's shadowed eastern inner slopes, one should explore the maximum zoom of this craterlet!
    • Research Lunar Orbiter 5 and Apollo 16 photography: Danny Caes


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(IAU Directions) ABULFEDA.--A larger and more massive formation than Almanon, 39 miles in diameter, the W. wall rising about 10,000 feet above the interior, which is depressed more than 3,000 feet. It is continuous on the E., but much broken by transverse valleys on the S.W., and by little depressions on the N. On the S.W. originates the very curious bright crater-row which runs in a straight line to the N.E. wall of Almanon, crossing for the first few miles the lofty table-land lying on the S.W. side of the border. With the exception of a low central mountain, the interior of Abulfeda contains no visible detail. The rampart is finely terraced on the W. and E. The W. glacis is very rugged.



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  • Named for Abu al-Fida or Abul Fida Ismail ibn Kathir (fully Abu Al-fida' Isma'il Ibn Kathir 'imad Ad-din; also transliterated Abulfeda, Abu Alfida, and other ways) (1301 - 1373), a Syrian historian and mufassir.

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