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Lat: 0.87°S, Long: 57.44°W, Diam: 15.4 km, Depth: 1.71 km, Rükl: 39

external image normal_Hermann_LO-IV-156H_LTVT.JPG
Hermann, with bowl-shaped crater Hermann B at "13:00" from Hermann itself (North-up view).


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(IAU Directions) HERMANN.--A ring-plain, about 10 miles in diameter, in the Oceanus Procellarum, E. of Lohrmann. It is associated with a group of long ridges, running in a meridional direction and roughly parallel to the coast-line.



Additional Information

  • IAU page: Hermann
  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    • Westfall, 2000: 1.71 km
    • Viscardy, 1985: 1.36 km
  • As measured by LTVT, the maximum depth on LO-IV-156 is about 1,820 m. Hermann was also imaged on LO-IV-157 where the depth appears to be 1,830 m. - Jim Mosher
  • West of Hermann, toward LohrmannA, is a little Reiner-gamma type swirl which looks distinct on the photographs made by the Clementine orbiter of 1994.
  • The exact location of that little swirl is: 1° South/ 61° West. Strange to say, chart 49 of the TIMES ATLAS OF THE MOON shows a little crater instead of a Reiner-gamma type swirl. Chart 39 of Antonin Rukl's ATLAS OF THE MOON shows just nothing (only a north-south oriented wrinkle ridge, which is not related to the swirl!). Detection: Danny Caes
  • A thermal anomaly crater, implying a youthful age - Moore et al, 1980
  • TSI = 20, CPI = 5, FI = 15; MI =40 Smith and Sanchez, 1973

The eccentric interior of Hermann A

  • Hermann A (a small bowl-shaped crater northwest of Hermann itself) seems to show some sort of "disturbance" in the relief of its western inner slopes. This effect was captured on Lunar Orbiter 4's frame LO IV-156-h3 (in this frame, Hermann A's location is near the upper left corner of the frame). It might be interesting to take a look at the ACT-REACT Quick Map of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO). - DannyCaes Aug 7, 2014
  • Indeed, the LRO's High-Resolution NAC close-up of Hermann A shows a most peculiar "out of balance" look of the crater's inner slopes. It's as if there's some sort of "nonchalantly disturbing new crater" within the original crater, see: http://bit.ly/2otqYSY


Jakob Hermann (July 16, 1678 - July 11, 1733) was a mathematician who worked on problems in classical mechanics. He appears to have been the first to show that the Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector is a constant of motion for particles acted upon by an inverse-square central force.

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