Oceanus Procellarum

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Oceanus Procellarum

Lat: 20.67°N, Long: 56.68°W, Diam: 2592.24,568 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 18

external image normal_Oceanus%20Procellarum.jpgexternal image normal_OceanusProcellarum.jpg
Left: Dave Storey, The Isle of Man Observatory, Right: Eric Soucy


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AS09-23-3500 is a curious NASA-photograph which shows the Last Quarter Moon, made by the crew of Apollo 9 (an Earth-orbiting mission to test the capabilities of the first Lunar Module in space)(LM Spider). The photograph shows all of Oceanus Procellarum. Research: Danny Caes.


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Oceanus Procellarum

Additional Information

  • IAU page: Oceanus Procellarum
  • Area of 1,692,000 km^2 according to measurements by Jim Whitford-Stark.
  • Oceanus Procellarum has sometimes been associated with the Procellarum Basin, a proposed vast ancient impact feature, of uncertain existence, covering most of the Moon's nearside. - JimMosher


  • "Ocean of Storms".
  • Central and northern part named Insula Longa (Long Island) in pre-telescopic sketch map by William Gilbert in ~1600 [Whitaker: Mapping and Naming the Moon, p 15]
  • Called Eoum Mare (Eastern Sea) by Gassendi in late 1630s [Whitaker: Mapping and Naming the Moon, p 33].
  • Called Oceanus Philippicus by Van Langren (Langrenus). See: Whitaker, Mapping and Naming the Moon, p 198.

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  • 3-D Ball (Kaguya's Bass-Relief look at the moon's western hemisphere and Oceanus Procellarum).

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  • L95: The Moon's biggest basin?


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