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Lat: 42.2°N, Long: 28.2°E, Diam: 44 km, Depth: 1.8 km, Rükl: 14

external image Plana-iv-091-h2.jpg
LO-IV-091-H2 Plana is the crater with the central peak at the center. It's similarly-size companion, Mason, is partially visible in the upper right.


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(IAU Directions) PLANA.--A formation 23 miles in diameter, closely associated with Mason. Neison states that the floor is convex and higher than the surrounding region. It has a triangular-shaped central mountain, a crater, and at least three other depressions on the S.E. wall where it joins Mason.

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  • Named for Baron Giovanni Antonio Amedeo Plana (November 6, 1781–January 20, 1864), an Italian astronomer and mathematician. He made major contributions to lunar theory, as well as to integrals, elliptic functions, heat, electrostatics, and geodesy. In 1820 he was one of the winners of a prize awarded by the Académie des Sciences in Paris based on the construction of lunar tables using the law of gravity.
    • The three volumes of Plana's Théorie du mouvement de la lune can be read on-line: 1, 2, 3
  • Either Plana or Mason may have been called Longomontani by Van Langren (Whitaker, p. 196).
  • Plana is Catalog number 644 in the Collated List and in Named Lunar Formations, where the name is attributed to Beer and Mädler.
  • A previously undetected ridge which runs from the part of the Montes Caucasus near Eudoxus toward the southern rim of Lacus Mortis (over the couple Plana and Mason) to Williams is unofficially called Shannen Ridge by Maurice Collins (with Charles Wood co-author of the 21st Century Atlas of the Moon). The name Shannen Ridge is incorporated on chart 9 of this atlas.
  • A cluster of hills and hillocks to the southwest of Plana (near the crater Plana G) received the names Plana Beta, Plana Gamma, Plana Delta, Plana Epsilon, Plana Zeta, and Plana Xi) (see Chart 20 in the Times Atlas of the Moon, and page 107 in Tony Dethier's Maanmonografieen).
  • Mandela (the name Mandela or Nelson Mandela International Peace Crater has been proposed for Plana G, in honor of Nelson Mandela, by the Luna Society International, but this has not been approved by the IAU) (source: Wikipedia - Plana).

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