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Lat: 17.8°S, Long: 23.8°W, Diam: 43 km, Depth: 0.78 km, Rükl: 53

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  • Lubiniezky was captured on the last 11 frames of Apollo 16's south-looking oblique Fairchild camera photographs in Revolution 48, of which frame AS16-M-2494 shows Lubiniezky near the central part of the curved horizon (with pronounced crater Bullialdus slightly to the "lower left" of it). Research Danny Caes


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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) LUBINIEZKY.--A regular enclosure, about 23 miles in diameter, N.W. of Bullialdus, with a low attenuated border, which is nowhere more than 1,000 feet in height. It is tolerably continuous, except on the S., where there are two or three breaks. Its level dark interior presents no details to vary its monotony. Close under the N.E. wall is a small crater connected with it by a ridge, and W. of this a very rugged area, traversed in every direction by narrow shallow valleys, which are well worth looking at when close to the morning terminator. A bright spur projects from the N. wall of Lubiniezky.

Description: Wikipedia


Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Arthur, 1974: 0.78 km
  • Westfall, 2000: 0.78 km
  • Viscardy, 1985: 0.77 km


  • Named for Stanislaw Lubieniecki (August 23, 1623 - May 18, 1675), a Polish astronomer, historian and writer. His 1666-68 work Theatrum Cometicum, or "Theatre of Comets", is an illustrated anthology of 415 comets from the biblical epoch of the deluge up until 1665.
  • According to Whitaker (p. 218), this name was introduced by Schröter, who spelled it Lubinietzky.
  • According to Chart 81 in the Times Atlas of the Moon, there's a hill north-northeast of Lubiniezky called Xi. Is it Lubiniezky Xi or Darney Xi?

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