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(discontinued IAU name)

Lat: 9°N, Long: 6°E, Diam: km, Height: km, Rükl: 34

external image normal_Schneckenberg_CLA-D12_LTVT.JPG
Consolidated Lunar Atlas plate D12 The discontinued IAU feature name Schneckenberg refers to the peak, and the circular ridges around it, in the region between the arrows in this Consolidated Lunar Atlas photo. It is located due north of the central crater Hyginus on Rima Hyginus . The 11 km shadowed crater in the upper right (midway between the arrow and the top margin) is Hyginus N (near, but not to be confused with the Hygnius N of historic fame).


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(LAC zone 59B3) LAC map Geologic map



(IAU Directions) A little W. of ( Hyginus N ) stands a curious spiral mountain called the Schneckenberg.

Additional Information

  • Schneckenberg is invariably described as having a spiral shape, but in most photos most of the surrounding ridges seem to have a fairly symmetric concentric circular form. - JimMosher
  • Another description which includes some background historical information may be found in Luna, the Journal of the SPA (Society for Popular Astronomy) Lunar Section [UK] 1998: Luna - August 1998- astrokat Jul 31, 2010


  • This feature is catalog entry 872 in Mary Blagg’s Collated List. The number was assigned to a peak known as Hyginus Beta to Beer and Mädler, Schmidt, and Neison.
  • In the 1935 IAU nomenclature of Blagg and Müller, the feature was listed as a ridge (rather than a peak) and the name Hyginus Beta was replaced by Schneckenberg. The new name (German for "Snail Mountain") was attributed to Krieger. Although no diameter is given, the name was apparently intended to apply only to the 40-45 km diameter area formerly known as Hyginus Beta, since two of the principal peaks to the north of Schneckenberg (catalog entries 873 and 874) retained the names Hyginus Gamma and Delta, rather than being regarded as parts of Schneckenberg.
  • When the LPL prepared its System of Lunar Craters in the early 1960’s, they felt, for unknown reasons, that Schneckenberg should be discontinued. Hence that name became unofficial when, in 1964, the IAU approved the changes made by the LPL (IAU Transactions XIIB).
  • For the location of Hyginus Beta see the overlay to the above photo constructed from Neison's 1876 map. - JimMosher

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