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List of Lunar Rupes (Fault)

IAU-named Rupes

Rupes Altai (aka Altai Scarp)
Rupes Boris - not a fault, undeserving of a name - tychocrater
Rupes Cauchy (aka Cauchy Fault)
Rupes Kelvin
Rupes Liebig
Rupes Mercator
Rupes Recta (aka Straight Wall)
Rupes Toscanelli - mare ridge, not a fault - tychocrater


Jules Verne (farside crater)
Lacus Mortis Fault
Neander Fault - see LPOD
Fault south of Herodotus
Fault south of Lansberg N: (also known as Rima Albin, or Rima Lansberg N).
Hayn A Fault / Rupes Hayn A (on the floor of Hayn A):
Fault or scarp east-northeast of Lohrmann D:
Fault south-southwest of Schroter W and Schroter A:

Lobate scarps

There are many lobate scarps on the moon's surface, large and small. Perhaps the most overlooked one is the long lobate scarp south of Vitello (east of Lacus Excellentiae). For info, see Additional Information in the page Vitello. - DannyCaes Dec 17, 2015

LROC Articles (lobate scarps) (Investigating Newly Discovered Lobate Scarps).

NASA related (unofficial names)

Rupes Appalaches (on the moon's farside: from 10° North/ 111° East to 0° North/ 104° East) (near Saenger, Al-Khwarizmi, Lobachevsky).
Rupes Sibericus (on the moon's farside: from 10° North/ 119° East to 1° North/ 121° East) (near Guyot, Ostwald, Ibn-Firnas, King, Soddy).
(source of these two names: NASA's Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report).

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