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Lat: 7.5°S, Long: 35.0°E, Diam: 49 km, Depth: 3.5 km, Rükl 47

external image Isodorus_LO_iv_072_h3.jpg
LOIV-072-H3 Isidorus is on the left, Capella is on the right.


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- A series of orbital southward looking oblique photographs (of the region at Capella and Rimae Gutenberg, during local sunrise) was made during the mission of Apollo 8. David Woods and Frank O'Brien (Apollo 8 Flight Journal) created an interesting mosaic of these Apollo 8 photographs: AS8-13-2228 to 2237. The caption "Montes Pyrenaeus" is an error, because those mountains are located to the southeast of the depicted region, and out of view.- DannyCaes May 16, 2010


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(IAU Directions) CAPELLA.--Forms with Isodorus, its companion on the W. (which it partially overlaps), a very noteworthy object. It is about 30 miles in diameter, with finely terraced walls, broken on the S.E. by broad intrusive rill-valleys. The rampart on the N.W. is also cut through by a magnificent valley, which extends for many miles beyond the limits of the formation. There is a fine central mountain, on which M. Gaudibert discovered a crater, the existence of which has been subsequently verified by Professor Weinek on a Lick observatory negative.

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