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Lat: 10.3°N, Long: 64.1°E, Diam: 32 km, Depth: 3.85 km, Rükl: 38

external image normal_Auzout-van-Albada_LO-IV-184H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-184H Auzout is in above center, touching van Albada to its southeast.


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Description: Elger

(IAU Directions) AZOUT.--A small ring-plain, connected with Firmicus by a lofty ridge. It is the apparent centre of many other ridges and valleys which radiate from it towards the N.E. and the Mare Crisium. There is a central mountain, not an easy telescopic object, on its dusky floor.

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  • Adrien; French astronomer, physicist (1622-1691).
  • Harold Hill called the southeastern corner of Mare Crisium Promontorium Auzout Delta (see bibliography below).
  • Auzout Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta (four sections of the southeastern rim of Mare Crisium, near Auzout) (see the greenish map of the moon in the Dutch classic Op Ontdekking in het Maanland by A.J.M.Wanders). These four Greek lettered sections are not mentioned on chart SLC A4 from the System of Lunar Craters, 1966.

North Valley

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Promontorium Auzout delta:
A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings (Harold Hill), pages 26, 27 (the SE corner of the Mare Crisium region).