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Lat: 19.85°S, Long: 31.11°W, Diam: 51.98 km, Depth: 1.18 km, Rükl: 52

external image normal_Agatharchides_LO-IV-132H_LTVT.JPG


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  • The sunlit rim of Agatharchides (morning terminator circumstances) was captured on the last frames of Apollo 16's Fairchild camera magazine REV 48. Research Danny Caes


(LAC zone 93B2) LAC map Geologic map



(IAU Directions) AGATHARCHIDES.--A very irregular complex ring-plain, about 28 miles in diameter, forming part of the N.E. side of the Mare Humorum. It must be observed under many phases before one can clearly comprehend its distinctive features. The wall is very deficient on the N., but is represented in places by bright mountain masses. The formation is flanked on the W. by a double rampart, which is at one place more than 5,000 feet in height, with a deep intervening valley. The S. wall is traversed by a number of parallel valleys, all trending towards Hippalus. These are included in a much wider and longer chasm, which, gradually diminishing in breadth, extends up to the N. wall of the latter.



Additional Information


  • Named for Agatharchides (or Agatharchus) of Cnidus, a Greek historian and geographer (flourished 2nd century BC).
  • This name was part of the original IAU nomenclature of Named Lunar Formations.
  • According to Whitaker (p. 219), this name was introduced by Mädler.
  • In NASA SP-241 (p. 232), the long channel extending from Agatharchides to Hippalus (the northern part of which is visible in the title image from LO-IV-132H was labeled (Vallis) Agatharchides V. An imagined neighbor to its immediate west (flowing around Agatharchides B terminating between Hippalus D and Hippalus), was labeled (Vallis) Agatharchides U. These names do not seem to have been accepted by the IAU. - Jim Mosher
  • In the days of Wilkins and Moore, Agatharchides A was called Moore and Agatharchides P was called Novellas, but the IAU did not accept these names. Patrick Moore was an English selenographer and popularizer of astronomy (1923-2012). Francesc De Paula Novellas Roig was a Spanish astronomer and chemist (1874-1940).

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