Tseraskiy (Ceraski)

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Tseraskiy (Ceraski)

Lat: 48.66°S, Long: 142.64°E, Diam: 65.59 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_tseraskiy.jpg

external image normal_tseraskiy-clem1.jpg

Left: LROC image WAC No. M130719898ME. Calibrated by LROC_WAC_Previewer.
Right: Clementine


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(LAC zone 131A2) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Description: Wikipedia

Tseraskiy (Ceraski)

Additional Information


- Vitol'd Karlovich; Russian astronomer (1849-1925).
- Perhaps interesting to add something about Lydia Petrovna Ceraski... (see Bibliography below; The Sourcebook Project).
- Printed as TSERASKIY on LAC 118 (page 237), and as CERASKI on LAC 131 (page 263) in the REVISED AND UPDATED EDITION of the Clementine Atlas of the Moon (2012), Cambridge University Press.- DannyCaes Jan 9, 2013

Lettered craters

Graphic LAC No. 18. Excerpt from the USGS Digital Atlas of the Moon.

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Lydia Petrovna Ceraski in the Sourcebook Project (William R. Corliss)

- Page 570 in Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies (1979) :
  • The Peculiar Variable Star V Sagittae (Sky and Telescope, 1959).

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