Rimae Theaetetus

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Rimae Theaetetus (I, II, and III)

Lat: 33.0°N, Long: 6.0°E, Length: 50 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 12

external image normal_Rimae-Theaetetus_LO-IV-103H_LTVT.JPG
Rimae Theaetetus I and II are the names for the rilles near the middle of this frame. The 5-km circular crater in the upper left is Aristillus A. Near the bottom, 3-km Autolycus K is astride the ridge that seems to extend south from one of the rilles. The hills on the right are the southern part of Montes Caucasus. None of the other features in this area of eastern Mare Imbrium have individual names. Rima Theaetetus III is not captured in this frame because its location is west of Theaetetus itself.


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Rimae Theaetetus

Additional Information

There's a system of shallow rilles about halfway between the southern part of Montes Caucasus and Autolycus K. Is this system also known as Rimae Theaetetus?


Named from nearby crater. (Theaetetus)
  • Two Roman-numeralled rilles associated with Theaetetus were part of the original IAU nomenclature of Blagg and Müller. Exactly when the name in its present form was adopted is unclear. - Jim Mosher
  • According to Chart C2 of the SLC (System of Lunar Craters), the locations of both Rimae Theaetetus I and II are west of the most southern part of Montes Caucasus. The location of Rima Theaetetus III is west of Theaetetus itself (south of Cassini, at Palus Nebularum). See also Charts 18 and 19 in the Times Atlas of the Moon.

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