Rimae Menelaus

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Rimae Menelaus

(unofficially known as Fossae Menelaus)
Lat: 17.2°N, Long: 17.9°E, Length: 131 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 24

external image normal_rimae-menelaus.jpg

external image normal_Rimae_Menelaus_LO_iv_090_h2.jpg

Left: LROC WAC mosaic (No.'s M117379381ME, M117372616ME). Processed by LROC_WAC_Previewer.
Right: LOIV 090 H2


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(LAC zone 42D3) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map


Description: Wikipedia

Rimae Menelaus

Additional Information


Named from nearby crater. (Menelaus)
Unofficially known as Fossae Menelaus, see Lunar Topographic Orthophotomap 42-D3.
The most western part of Rimae Menelaus/ Fossae Menelaus has a dome called Menelaus Zeta, located north-northwest of Menelaus itself (see Chart 30 in the Times Atlas of the Moon). - DannyCaes Oct 21, 2015

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