Rima Sharp

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Rima Sharp

Lat: 46.7°N, Long: 50.5°W, Length: 107 km, Depth: 0.05-0.30 km, Rükl: 9

external image normal_Rima%20Sharp_LO-IV-158H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-158H Rima Sharp runs along the entire left-hand side of this Lunar Orbiter view and continues for some distance out of the frame to the south. The 21-km crater Sharp B is in the upper right. A portion of the hilly area in the lower right corner is designated by the IAU as the 36-km crater Louville. Some of the craters to the west of Rima Sharp are lettered craters named after Louville.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images Warning: AS15-95-12870 doesn't show Rima Sharp, it's Rima Mairan.- DannyCaes Oct 19, 2010


(LAC zone 23A2) LAC map Geologic map USGS Digital Atlas (PDF)


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Rima Sharp

Additional Information

  • Despite the drastic changes in appearance along its length, LO-IV-158H indicates that Rima Sharp has a fairly constant width. In one short stretch to the west of Mairan T (not shown above) it broadens to about 3 km in width, and in the northernmost extension it is about 700 m wide; but most everywhere else the width is close to 1.1 km. As to depth, in the strongly lit section between the headlands, the shadows suggest the depth decreases steadily from about 300 m in the north to about 200 m in the south. The long, faint southern extension looks much shallower. It has the appearance of a flat-bottomed channel with walls no more than 50-70 m high. - JimMosher
  • Curious little chain of three depressions to the west of Rima Sharp (at approximately 52° West/ 46° North). See the lower right corner of LO-IV-170-h3. It looks a bit like the little chain at Encke M (the triplet to the east of Encke itself). - DannyCaes Aug 7, 2014


  • Named after the nearby crater. (Sharp)
  • Number 85 in Debra Hurwitz's Atlas and Catalog of Sinuous Rilles (together with Rima Mairan).
  • The IAU Planetary Gazetteer gives an approval date of 1964 for Rima Sharp (and many other rimae). This is apparently a reference to their depiction on the Quad Maps of the System of Lunar Craters. A rille labeled Sharp I appears on Sheet E2 (not actually published until 1967?). It extends only over the short deeply incised segment in the upper part of the Lunar Obiter photo. On LAC-23 (February 1967), the label for Rima Sharp I is extended along the fainter length to the south, and it is depicted that way on the new USGS Digital Atlas page. However the position and diameter listed in the IAU Planetary Gazetteer (and copied into the title line of the present page) correspond only to the short segment depicted in the System of Lunar Craters. A more accurate length would be about 270 km (roughly 250 km directly from start to finish, or about 335 km following the major bends). - JimMosher

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